Is the Texas Rangers’ C.J. Wilson the Most Interesting Man in the World?

We already knew:

1) He’s a pretty solid starting pitcher for your American League champion Texas Rangers

2) He’s a Lost fanatic, and got to play ball with that show’s creators.

3) He’s an accomplished Twitterer

4) The ladies seems to enjoy giving him a look-see.

What we’ve learned from this Forbes Q&A with him:

1) He’s got his own car racing team.

2) He owned so many Porsches that he sold some because he didn’t have enough time to drive them all.

3) He got to drive the pace-car at Texas Motor Speedway.

If there’s a better candidate to be Dallas’ version of the Most Interesting Man in the World, please let me know.

UPDATE: The man himself tweets to point out that I neglected to mention how he dabbles in photography.  I apologize profusely for the omission. <swallowing hard to suppress now-raging jealousy>


  • I’m a National League girl… Go Dodgers 🙂 But I adore CJ Wilson. Everything I’ve ever read, seen and heard just goes to show that there are some good ones left in the world. I love that he doesn’t drink, smoke, or drug & that he is such a support for Hamilton. It’s cool to see him giving back so much & showing his interests… And he’s pretty to look at & throws heat 🙂
    Yay CJ!!

  • KR

    He throws strikes all the time so one day he threw a ball to the batter. Just outside the left corner of home plate……..Just to see what not throwing a strike felt like. He is that good!

  • Taylor

    No photo for those of us ladies that enjoy giving him a look-see?? Can’t wait to get back to the ballpark!

  • If this guy has two good years in a row, then maybe he’ll be intersting. Otherwise he’s just a millionaire who sweats for a living every 4th or 5th day.

  • “Interesting” is the correct spelling in my previous post. I try to use all the vowels properly and I never drive a Porche.

  • md

    you forgot to mention that he’ll be a zillionaire this time next year and will likely be pitching closer to his SoCal roots. Hopefully, I’m wrong, but another year like last year, assuming the Dodgers divorce mess is over, and they’ll be backing up the Brinks for him. Again, hope I’m wrong.