Inside the Nasher’s Balloon Room

A ray of light shines into the abyss.

On Friday, a few of us here at D were invited to take a swim through the Nasher’s new balloon room. Technically, it’s an installation by British artist Martin Creed. But really, the only thing you need to know is that there’s a room and it’s filled, floor to (almost) ceiling, with approximately 9,000 gold balloons. I couldn’t not try it.

After slithering in sideways to displace the least amount of balloons, I lasted about two minutes. The best way I can think to describe the whole bizarre experience is to ask you to imagine that you’re a caribou, plodding warily through some abnormally tall grass. You pause occasionally to eat some of the grass, but you’re on the alert for predators. And then all of a sudden the grass starts moving and there’s a tiger and you’re probably lunch meat. But it was kinda fun, until the rapid balloon movement whenever someone got close to me started to freak me out and I had an unfortunate encounter with a wall.

After that, I pushed my way to the exit, saw Tim, and the first thing he did was laugh at the staticky state of my hair. Thankfully, I was the one with the camera.

Local magazine editor or rogue escape artist? You decide.
What a room full of 9,000 balloons looks like.

If you haven’t already, visit the sculpture center and cross the Arts District off your Dallas Must-Do list.


  • Amy A

    How fun! I can’t wait to take my daughter. Thanks for the tip!

  • Christine Rogers

    We took our 12 YO, his friend and our 5 YO. At 9:30 pm, we dragged them out kicking and screaming. Saturday morning, our 5 YO woke us up pleading that we take her back, immediately, to see the balloons. The 12 YO admitted that it was the coolest art exhibit they’ve ever seen. Kudos to an artist, museum and exhibit that can generate that level of excitement with kids!

  • I would echo Christine Rogers — whoever THAT is. If you have kids, take them. If you don’t have kids, take yourself. It’s pretty cool.

    I’d also add that Martin Creed (pictured below, in the rainbow shirt, standing with Nasher director Jeremy Strick) brought his guitar and played a few songs. He’s charming.

  • Marcus


    Is this similar to the foam show you told me about one time? The one at the gallery just north of Bachman back in the early 2000’s?

  • Veletta Forsythe Lill

    No, no, no Tim. One does not get to cross the Arts District off the Dallas Must-Do List by just visiting one stellar venue. There are multiple requirements to get to punch that ticket.

  • Beautiful, how long do the Balloons last, or maybe I should ask how often do you have to replace the Balloons?

  • Max

    These look like 16″ Jumbo last 30 or more hours. I’m a balloon professional been making a living in DC for 7 years now. There is a special gel that will make an 11″ last a week it’s called Hi-float

  • Max

    Also these are air filled and will last way to long