Dwaine Caraway’s Cop Car Confessional Released

At long last, below you will find the Dwaine Caraway audio (courtesy of our friends at the Observer). It’s interesting — but not in the way many of us expected it would be. Though he is foul-mouthed, Caraway is calm and collected as he explains to cops what went down in his house that night between him and wife. It really is easy to see where the guy is coming from. He’s trapped in his game room. His wife, state Rep. Barbara Mallory Caraway, has a knife. How long can he remain trapped? He has to come out eventually. And when he does, he’ll have to protect himself. Someone will get hurt. The only course of action? Call the police to help diffuse the situation. Sure, I’m with him.

Except. But.

Are we really to believe that this whole thing started, as Caraway says, because his wife was throwing out some of his aprons and he asked her not to? Why did Barbara freak out so violently? Because, as Caraway says on the tape, she might have a chemical imbalance? Or because, as he says later, she can’t handle power?

Then there are the clothes strewn about the living room floor. Caraway mentions these to cops several times. He wants them to know that his house doesn’t normally look like that. He’s been organizing his closets, he says, and that’s why the suits and so forth are all over the place. Riiight. That’s usually what I do, too, when I have people over to watch football games. I take out all my clothes and spread them around the living room so my buddies can help me tidy up my closets during commercial breaks.

Dwaine Caraway is a liar. He’s been lying throughout this whole process. I feel for him on the marital discord stuff. He’s clearly got problems on the homefront. But he wasn’t telling the cops the truth about what, exactly, went down that night.

The question remains: what is Caraway trying to cover up?



  • with ya’

    I agree…he’s hiding something.
    I really like when you wrote: Riiight. That’s usually what I do, too, when I have people over to watch football games. I take out all my clothes and spread them around the living room…

  • @with ya’: The more likely scenario is that Barbara was throwing him out of the house, that she’d taken all his clothes out of the closets to send him packing.

    Again, this is personal stuff. It’s really none of our business. Except why didn’t he just tell police, “My wife and I are having marital troubles. I don’t want to go into it. But she took all my clothes out, put them all over the living room. Then things got out of hand”? Instead he tells yet another obvious lie.

    Ask Martha Stewart. It’s the lying that gets you in trouble.

  • How about covering up the fact that we have a “special investigations” unit of the DPD that “handles all the high profile” cases for people who are “politically” powerful?

    What the hell are we doing with our own VIP Coverup Squad?

  • heelsoftar

    Time for him to take a page out of the JWP playbook and go picket in front of Laura Miller’s house.

  • Sparky

    While this is all admitted speculation (and fun, too!), let’s not lose sight of the fact that throughout all of this, DC and his attorneys have argued that the release of the tapes would not further the public interest.

    Now, we all have tiffs with our spouses, but when a wife holds a knife in a threatening manner, causing her husband to hole himself up in a room, AND the husband opines that the wife has a “chemical imbalance” — isn’t there some public interest inherent in that information, when the wife is an elected public official?

  • @Sparky: Yes, of course.

    Here’s another one for you: DC claimed that releasing the tape might ruin his marriage. To hear him tell it on the tape, his marriage is already ruined. He talks about filing for divorce, etc. Try this on for size: it’s not the tape itself that will ruin his marriage. It’s Barbara’s response to Dwaine’s claims on the tape that’ll do it.

  • Merritt

    And the bad decisions of Southern Dallas politicians and their enabling business political and civic leaders keep coming. Dallas continues to be embarrassed.

    Next up: the FBI re-opens its kimono for round two? This time, praying won’t help.

    Just ahead: one of our city’s three dead tree companies FINALLY writes a lengthy expose on the political machine, which produces episodes like the Caraways’?

    Pipe Dream: Dwaine’s episode is the straw that breaks the 14-1 camel’s back?

  • Katy

    He offers up that this dispute was not caused by infidelity or abuse, though he was never asked about either of those possibilities. Just interesting.

  • LL

    Is that irony, foreshadowing or a pun I hear from the VIP Squad @ 16:45

    “Documentation is always the key to everything…being in political power…everyone wants to take a stab at you.”

    DC needs to get a PR person he will listen to, don’t try to bury it get out in front of it and nobody would have paid any attention.

  • seems

    Seems like he’s covering up spousal abuse by his wife. If you know anything about abusive relationships, the cover-up by the victim is pretty typical. It’s part of the abuse cycle.
    If the roles were reversed, and the man were the abuser, and the woman was coming up with excuses for a messy house, I don’t think you all would be so harsh on the victim.

  • Who Cares?

    Grow up, get your own marital discord, and leave MC and SRC to theirs. All of this continued coverage of a non-story is distracting from the real news.

  • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

    Why didn’t DC just go all Strong Mayor on her?

  • amanda

    @Tim..totally agree. He’s ready to have the legal stuff play out..

    The context, listening to the tape?

    Barbara, girl, I hope you buy something fabulous in Austin, and live with joy.

    What woman gets mad about aprons? And an issue that a friendly employee at the Container Store can handle?

    Girl, we gotcha back…

  • amanda

    I read some of the comments that came in as I typed. This wasn’t HER abusing HIM.

    The reason the cops in the squad car turned on the recorders seems to me like this…they KNOW DC has issues…the only way for them to protect themselves after he goes one step too far (and God forbid) kills her is to have a recording.

    I can’t think of why a city council member that demanded special treatment from the police chief would speak so openly. Notice, he wasn’t scared. He insulted her, for sure, but didn’t make an abuse claim. I guess being a black man in the back of a police car isn’t so scary after all, right Mr. Mayor?

    Unless the recordings are, and then you fight ’em like hell.

  • A woman with a chemical imbalance takes a knife to her husband who has imaginary friends. One is a State Representative and the other is Mayor. I BET it could be a spinoff to “Good Christian Bitches”.

  • JS

    Overlooked in this is that the cops really “stabbed” him in the back. They go out of their way to point out that the only thing they will file is a miscellaneous report that doesn’t really say anything while they record their entire 20 minute conversation with him! I’m not saying that they didn’t have the right to record it or even that they had to disclose the fact of recording, but it does seem like a “gotcha” moment was contemplated by someone.

  • Daniel

    It’s not the tape or Barbara’s response to Dwaine’s claims on the tape that will ruin the marriage. It’s the way Dwaine will steal away like a gyspy in the wee hours one balmy summer night and never, ever look back.

  • Neal

    @Daniel: “It’s not the tape or Barbara’s response to Dwaine’s claims on the tape that will ruin the marriage. It’s the way Dwaine will steal away like a gyspy in the wee hours one balmy summer night and never, ever look back.”

    Can’t he do it this spring instead of making us wait for the summer?

  • smeyers

    We know who holds the apron strings in that family…

  • ll

    we don’t know anything. All we have is Dwaine’s version of what happened and he has proven himself to be a liar. Way too many jumping to conclusions here.

    I think more attention should be focused on police for recording; Leppert, Suhm, Perkins etal listening to the tape and handing him his speech. Excuuuse me, seems like a kid being taken to the woodshed and it isn’t their responsibility.

    And don’t get me wrong, I am not a fan of DC, but think the City official’s actions are beyond the pale.

    Shoot, fast forward backward, DC lied to Barbara just before they got married about not yet being divorced — actually, if I remember, he hadn’t told her he had been married.

  • smeyers

    Seriously, like ll mentioned DC is a liar but I doubt the city’s populace would let him rise in the city’s political hierarchy.

    No matter what is going on, he is a pretty fast thinker on his feet=innovative liar. Not sure if that helps him. If I was his wife, after hearing that tape, I would figuratively bust his chops too. Can you imagine the professional embarrassment for his wife?

  • BV

    He’s on the DL. That’s what he’s trying to cover up. She was throwing out his aprons??? Please. What straight man has aprons?

  • smeyers


    Actually, I was pretty surprised he had a wife. It kinda makes sense now.

  • Agnostic Observer

    He was in over his head, he called the cops, he didn’t hit anyone…no story here folks, please move on.

    FYI, you want to start a brouhaha with your significant other…start cleaning out the closet or garage, hold something up of theirs and yell “this is ugly and it stinks”. Cue Action.