Cheaters Interrupts a Kickball Game at Tietze Park

A same-building-working FrontBurnervian sends in this report from the field:

Around 7:30 pm, in the middle of my kickball game at Tietze Park off the M Streets, a live filming of Cheaters ensued. For 30 minutes, a rather large black man barreled through three fields in an attempt to dodge obscenities, car keys and jewelry from two very upset women. One of which (from what we gathered) turned out to be his baby mamma.

A YouTube video is attached, and was sent to me courtesy of a fellow teammate. You will find the complete throwdown behind home plate, with my team (light blue) in the background. I might add that the icing on the cake was the fact that an hour later, the “cheater” gentleman returned (minus camera crew) to look for his own missing car keys… and whatever dignity he left behind.

That video, and a photo, is after the jump. (Note: there is, as you may have guessed, a bit of NSFW language in the video. Just so’s you know.)



  • PR

    Many of these are fake. No doubt about it.

  • Hoyle’s Mom

    Nonetheless, Cheaters is great theater. And isn’t this one of the things that makes Dallas a great place to live? Viva “Joey Grecco.”

  • Zak

    Increadibly fake, they started faking them after Joey Grecco got stabbed on the show.

  • PR

    @ Hoyle’s Mom,

    I hear the girl in the video was upset because that guy made her do the “Angry Pirate.”

  • Daniel

    Sometimes you might not want bacon and eggs. You might want to **** somebody’s **** and then, after they ****, you might want to **** all oover their ***. But bacon and eggs is all you’re getting.

  • CB

    It may have been fake, but was incredibly amusing nonetheless. I was line reffing the game on the field in the photo above, and all of a sudden there’s this big, black guy in the pink polo running away from a camera crew…until he looked back and fell down. Really made me glad I had pregamed before I got out there.

  • Fas

    I seen him! I seen him wid her!

  • Ralph

    Kickball for Adults: the game of choice for slackers, divorced dudes and potheads.

  • Lotus

    Did this crew go to Lotus after? I swear I saw them all piling in through the back door.

  • Rico

    These shows have been fake from the beginning. And no, I don’t think an association with Cheaters makes Dallas, in any way, better.

  • Kickball for adults: The game of friends, fun, and parties!

  • EC


    I did not know that Cheaters was STILL filming in Dallas. After the Joey nose incident.

  • Those guys love piling it in the back door.

  • My favorite episode is the one where Joey gets stabbed. Best TV ever.

  • SDM

    Ralph – the average age of the girls in the league is probably 26 or 27, not bad company on a Thursday night.

  • Wonder if he gave either of the girls a Dirty Tebow.

  • Berly

    That show is still on?

  • kojak

    My friend was one of the original bouncer/bodyguards for the show. Joey refused to pay him and one other bodyguard…so he got the crap beat out of him..but the original first few episodes were definately NOT fake