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Get Excited About New Mavs Point Guard Dennis Smith Jr.

| 5 hours ago


Prior to last night’s NBA draft, I was a bit concerned that the Mavericks would end up taking Lauri Markkanen, a 7-foot three-point specialist from Arizona. But he was gone when No. 9 rolled around, snapped up for whatever reason by the Bulls. My biggest fear, however, was that the team would end up with Luke Kennard, a guard from Duke who looks like he has tweeted at least once, “But why can’t *I* say it?”

All potential crises were averted when the Mavs drafted the best-case scenario for that spot in the draft: NC State point guard Dennis Smith Jr. He is an electrifying scorer with an NBA record 48-inch vertical leap. That is all of my analysis at this point. Watch all of these YouTube clips instead.

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Local News

Leading Off (6/23/17)

| 9 hours ago

Firehouse Theatre Director Sues Target For Neglect Following January Attack. Derek Whitener says the Cityplace store’s security failed to protect him and discouraged him from calling police before the robbery. Whitener alerted employees and security on his way into the store about two men whose presence concerned him. Those men robbed and attacked him as he was leaving the store. The 33-year-old was severely beaten and left with permanent brain damage, significant memory loss, and a loss of some motor skills.

DART Police Boost Presence in Deep Ellum Following Recent Sexual Assaults. Officers are being staged at the DART station near Baylor University Medical Center. The goal is to be more visible following two separate attacks that were reported within hours and blocks of one another early Sunday morning.

Valley View Center Demolition Will Start Today. Before the wrecking, Dallas developer Scott Beck will host a ceremony at 9:30 a.m. The demolition will make way for a $4 billion mixed-use development within the Dallas Midtown district. Still, there might be something worth saving at Valley View Mall. 

The Mavericks Welcome Dennis Smith Jr. The North Carolina State point guard was the ninth overall pick in last night’s NBA draft. There’s a lot of promise in Smith, who averaged 18.1 points per game as a freshman—a rare feat for a college player. He’s just in time for a revamped locker room, complete with refrigerated cup holders.

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Architecture & Design

Dallas Has Lost Frank Welch, 90, Dean of Texas Architecture

| 1 day ago

Dallas has often struggled to find its own cultural voice — torn, as it seems to have always been, between historical indifference and appropriated aspiration. Throughout this city’s history, however, there have been a handful of artists who have seen and understood this place for what it is, and have made work that has managed to embrace and manifest the cultural identity and character of this city in its best light. Perhaps none were better at this than the architect Frank Welch. Sadly, Welch has passed away. He was 90.

Welch’s importance as an architect certainly outstretched his impact and relationship with Dallas. Considered the Dean of Texas Architecture, Welch, like his mentor O’Neil Ford, inherited and expanded upon a tradition for finding in Texas’ landscapes, materials, style, and character the opportunity for a unique brand of modernism

In Dallas, Welch’s work is best exemplified in the many residences he designed here that blend of warmth and sophistication. They are buildings that engage with the subtly of their environments, while also expressing style and understated panache in a meticulous attention detail, expressive choice of materials, and attention to a humane quality possible through spacial design. 

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Local News

Leading Off (6/22/17)

| 1 day ago

The $800 Million Bond Is Now a $1.025 Billion Bond. The drama surrounding the $800 million bond proposal has been dragging on for months. Barrett Brown covered the debate back in January, when Mayor Rawlings made a case for delaying a vote until November, citing voter support, or rather the support of Dallas’ “civic sugar daddies” (Barrett’s terminology). Rawlings got his way with a delay, but then in recent weeks city council members have been trying to decide what was actually in the bond (street repair, rec centers, traffic signals, etc.) and how to divvy it up (equally among 14 districts or not). They couldn’t agree, so yesterday they just made the bond bigger. “We’ve got to fish or cut bait, and I’m for fishing.” said Rawlings.

Former Pastor at Grapevine Megachurch Died Hunting for Hidden Treasure. Paris Wallace was once a youth pastor at Fellowship Church, the enormous Ed Young-led congregation in Grapevine. Wallace left that gig and moved to Colorado years ago. Apparently his recent interests included hunting for the $2 million treasure supposedly hidden by eccentric author Forrest Fenn. Wallace’s wife, Mitzi, reported her husband missing last week and authorities believe a body they found on the Rio Grande to be his. Wallace isn’t the first to lose his life in pursuit of Fenn’s loot. And he may not be the last. While some (mostly authorities who are tired of dragging bodies out of rivers) are asking Fenn to call off the hunt, others are asking the author to keep it going. In fact, Wallaces’s wife Mitzi plans to pick up where her husband left off and search with her son. “Our treasure is the time we spend together,” said Mitzi.

A Few More Water-Cooler Conversation Topics. The moms of transgender children in North Texas are not giving up as the bathroom bill goes to a legislative session next month. A UTD study found that police officers’ likelihood of using deadly force goes up if the officers are divorced or in debt. And if those topics are too serious, maybe try the one about Jerry Jones meeting the Pope.

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How a Dallas-Based Drug Operation Led to a Massacre in Mexico

| 2 days ago

ProPublica, in collaboration with National Geographic, published a story last week by Ginger Thompson about the massacre in Allende, Mexico, that occurred in March 2011. Gunmen from the Zetas cartel launched an attack on the quiet ranching town, a 40-minute drive from Eagle Pass, Texas, in retribution for a DEA operation. That operation was based on intel, specifically trackable cell phone PIN numbers, provided by a high-level Zetas operative from Dallas. But then the DEA shared the information they gathered on two of the cartel’s most wanted kingpins with the Mexican federal police, knowing the agency’s history with leaks. And the unthinkable happened.

Read this. You can even listen to the interviews. And then read Thompson’s article published Monday about the DEA’s accountability, or lack thereof. She raises some good questions about the costs of war.

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Creative Time

Finalists Named for Dallas Police Chief

| 2 days ago

City Manager T.C. Broadnax has himself eight finalists for the job of top cop. They are:

  • Grand Prairie Police Department Chief Steve Dye
  • Dallas Police Department Assistant Chief Chief Gary Tittle
  • Dallas Police Department Deputy Chief Rick Watson
  • Dallas Police Department Deputy Chief Malik Aziz
  • Seattle Police Department Deputy Chief Carmen Best
  • Detroit Police Department Deputy Chief U. Renee Hall
  • Los Angeles Police Department First Assistant Chief Michel Moore
  • Montgomery County (Maryland) Police Department Assistant Chief Luther Reynolds

I am pulling hard for Gary Tittle, and here is why. I hope he gets the job. I hope the Dallas Police Department is embroiled in another fake drug scandal that draws him into its web of deceit. I hope he then flips on his fellow cops and has to testify in court against them. Because then I will write the following headline:

“Tittle Tattles at Talcum Trial”

I apologize for wasting your time.

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Leading Off

Leading Off (6/21/17)

| 2 days ago

Affluenza Teen’s Mom Might be Jailed Again. Tonya Couch, Ethan’s mother, awaits trial for charges of helping Ethan flee to Mexico to evade arrest. She has been on bond but was caught drinking alcohol Friday, violating the conditions of her bond, which Tarrant County authorities are trying to revoke.

Person of Interest Identified in Deep Ellum Sexual Assault. The assault was reported Sunday near a DART station on the east edge of Deep Ellum. The person of interest is described as a 5-foot-6 Hispanic man with glasses and tattoos on both arms. Crime Stoppers is offering a reward if someone gives police information that leads to an arrest.

Dallas School Bus Board Votes to Investigate Finances. Yesterday the board approved $90,000 for an independent audit that will look into business deals and finances to find out the source of the agency’s financial troubles. The board hopes the investigation will be done in time for voters to take notice this fall when they decide the fate of the agency. “Until we know what went wrong, there’s no way we can fix it. We have to get to the bottom of this,” said DCS board president Gloria Tercero Levario.

Baby Giraffe Tsavo Will Meet the Public Today at Dallas Zoo. The calf—who was the long-awaited result of giraffe Katie’s live-streamed pregnancy—was born last month but will be introduced to the public today in the giraffe feeding yard. After that he’ll be making regular appearances outdoors.

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