• Senor


  • drew

    Agreed — the last two words just turned this into a TMZ post. Remember the Golden Rule.

  • Robin

    I agree. He’s done so much for our city. Can we please respect his request for privacy and not speculate?

  • scoop

    Oh, is _that_ why D didn’t mention the divorce in its Troy article? The Golden Rule? Or was it a S-C-0-0-P by the local daily?

  • Tacky speculation.

  • Bethany Anderson
  • Glenn Hunter

    @scoop: Can’t tell what your point is exactly, but if you want to get into the definition of “S-C-O-O-P,” you may want to double-check your facts. Back on Jan. 24 Tim was the first to post about Troy’s separation from Rhonda; the DMN followed many hours later, adding a statement from Aikman that basically said, that’s right.

  • tyler

    @ Bethany this was posted after second shelters
    posted story….Please don’t delete…D never mentioned the split or second home…

    • Glenn Hunter

      @Tyler: At the risk of boring everyone else with journalistic “inside baseball” … you’re wrong–again. The Second Shelters post, which did precede Tim’s, pointed out that Rhonda had bought a second home, then speculated she might be renting it out for Super Bowl week, etc. Second Shelters did not report anything about the Aikman marital split, which was the whole point of Tim’s FrontBurner scoop. So, sorry … but no cigar with this line of spinning.

  • tyler

    @Glenn…he obviously does not understand the phrase tongue in cheek……

  • Dave Barry

    Divorce attorneys!!!! Ha! That’s funny!!!! Ms Perez, with quick wit like that, you’re going places.

    All hail the great Christina Perez!