Spam Comment of the Day

From “Santiago Hegge”:

Great article with some fantastic food for thought as we are intending to buy our first cat, we don’t know what type yet and have been carrying out some internet research to help get us all off on the right footing. Thanks once again.

Guess which one of my dumb posts that comment showed up on — don’t bother googling it, as I marked it as as spam and it is now in a shallow internet grave — and I will give you something off of my desk.


  • mike

    “WFAAs Story on Food Trucks sounds Familiar”

  • Zach B

    Its gotta be the Steve Blow post.

  • A.D.

    Rico y Chato posts, obvi.

  • JonnyDallas

    My guess is the Neimans post. It contains the word Katz.

  • Seven

    This is clearly a secret-encoded comment from a prison inmate with a contraband smartphone.

  • fruitdog

    dead bird story

  • MD

    Cue Cat?

  • L_Streets

    Solar powered water taxis?

  • TLS

    By process of elimination, Leading Off.

  • You guys, I’ve done SO many more dumb posts than this.

  • Mavs homer broadca(s)t?

  • Rico

    We give up. Please tell us the answer. The suspense is killing me.