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NYT: Seat Debacle in Jerry’s Lap


Let’s call a spade a spade. Setting weather troubles aside, Super Bowl XLV organizers said it was the big game at Cowboys Stadium that would “carry the day” for North Texas and its attractiveness for future Super Bowls. We know now that–thanks to logistical disorganization, plus the famous seating fiasco, among other things–the stadium did not “carry the day” in the end.

What’s more, it appears that the seat flap can be traced directly to Jerry’s vow to break the game’s all-time attendance record. You read about his quest first on FrontBurner back in early January;  the New York Times, with help from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, has the smoking-gun reporting on the debacle here.

I appreciate the owner’s wanting to be the biggest and baddest and best at whatever he does, but the Times says Jerry’s saddled now with another “superlative” he surely didn’t want: colossal failure.