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New York Times Talks to Local 12-Year-Old Designer

By Krista Nightengale |

If you haven’t read this story that Kristin Hull wrote about 12-year-old designer Grant Mower, then get to it. It seems the topic of young, budding fashion designers is a hot one. The New York Times picked up on it and wrote about several kids who are making their names known before they even reach high school. They talked to Grant and his mom toward the end of the article.

One line from the article that I thought was interesting was, “But the fact that fashion has become a field that is so easy for a tween to crack says a lot about how much the perception of a designer has changed. The allure of fashion is no longer the craft, but the flash.”

Another thing about the article that was intriguing was one of the sources saying he had conflicting feelings about kids starting their careers at such an early age. I know many 25-year-olds who are still trying to figure out what they want to do as a career. If you have it figured out at 12, good for you. Go with it.