Looking at Tom Leppert’s New Campaign Ad

There you go. We’ll go point for point after the jump.

0:01: BOOM — right from the beginning, big sweeping gesture with the hands. That’s right, Tom. Show off the money makers. And also: buy a second “casual” shirt.
0:10: Okaaaaaay, we get it. Knock it off with the hand gestures.
0:15: And we have already packed in, like, every generic talking point possible.
0:20: Nope, he had a few more. And now we get a shot of the convention center hotel being built on, hm, I guess some sort of prairie?
0:32: Kind of already bored with the I’m a Conservative stuff so: have Leppert’s shoulders always been that narrow?
0:38: DOUGHNUTS. Also: “I know black people. Or, at least, I am aware of them.”
0:50: If you drifted, a quick recap within this recap: the government has become an obstacle, jobs jobs jobs, BLUE STEEL look, hand chops, GOVERNMENT BAD especially Washington, future not being won.
1:09: Brings up “reckless spending,” so I assume he was talking about his time at Washington Mutual, or the hotel. Not sure. Mesmerized by his eyes.
1:14: “I approach the issues of life and marriage as matters of faith.” And the countdown for a potential gay tryst scandal starts…now.
1:40: “In the Senate, I’ll ask myself the following question…” I bet you a million dollars it has something to do with limited government. Also in the running: panda bears. Or the new Panda Bear solo album. Or glove maintenance.
1:46: “Does this reduce the influence of Washington on our families and businesses?” PAY UP, SUCKAS.
1:58: Spoiler alert: If the answer is no, he won’t support it. Unless Carol Reed says he should.
2:00: Skyline cloud montage — BANG BANG BANG.
2:36: He just finished up taking credit for everything David Kunkle ever did.
2:47: “I grew up poor” sequence: ENGAGE.
3:20: I’m going to bust up Washington like a high school kegger. Maybe a slight paraphrase.

And scene.


  • Justin

    The Phoenix based Dallas Observer posted this video three and a half hours earlier. How’d you guys at D get get scooped like this considering you’re local?

    • I don’t know how I will ever recover from such a deep, deep burn.

  • Justin

    Sorry to be so harsh Zac, maybe if you need time to nurse your wounds you could link to some DMN commentary so the Frontburner readership is distracted for awhile as we sign up for trial paywall subscriptions.

    (Come on, you gotta give me that one)

  • Topham Beauclerk

    This ad is so predictable. And yet, I couldn’t help but think, “Compared to Cornyn and Hutchison, who are both as dumb as rocks, this guy is impressive.” How have we set the bar so low in Texas with those two and with Perry, whose bar is set somewhere in the Marianas Trench?

    (But why is Leppert speaking from jail? It looks like a set of bars on the right side of the screen.)

  • How did you miss the jail/prison-looking bars off to his left, our right?

  • DLP

    So disappointed in Tom….

  • If he really wants to win, he needs to throw in some recent Charlie Sheen quotes.

  • Wylie H.

    Does anyone really believe he has a shot?

  • Curtis Remington

    Leppert is well-spoken.. now he just needs someone to write something interesting for him to say.

    I almost laughed out loud with the “without raising taxes” line.

  • marisa

    Hmmmmm the funeral music needs to go. Why the empty jail? Shows the decrease in crime? This is same old stuff. Tom, you need new material !!!! This will not cut it !

  • Wylie H.

    I see that Leppert is now claiming to oppose Federal earmarks for the Trinity… lol… he’s one opportunistic SOB, that’s for sure!

  • Zac, you are a genius.

  • Wylie H.

    Why does he show the government-funded and owned convention center hotel while he talks about “how a free enterprise economy needs to work”?

    I’m confused.

  • RAB


    I agree with Tim on this.

  • Stan

    The 1:14 note is interesting. He’s already reaching out to the Log Cabin Republicans…


    Maybe not the first impression you want Texans to have with you considering how little primary voters across the state know about him.