Leading Off (2/17/11)

Meet a Seven-Year-Old Rocker. All you need to know about this story is this: Logan “Robot” Gladden is a rock star. And he’s seven. He’s even been mobbed after a kindergarten talent show. Now go watch the video.

Santa Does It Just Fine. Justin Cain tried to break into a vacant house by crawling through the chimney. Unfortunately, he got stuck. Firefighters had to use a crane to get him out. I think the homeowner and I could be friends. Anybody who can say “bless his heart” about a guy who just tried to break into her house is okay by me. However, I don’t see a future for me and Cain. If you’re going to be a burglar, at least be a good one.

More Controversy for Daystar. Two months ago, Daystar, a Christian TV network, came under fire for an affair Joni Lamb’s husband was having. (Joni and her husband started Daystar.) Now there’s a lawsuit against Bill Trammell, Lamb’s father. The suit alleges that there was inappropriate touching during what Trammell called “quiet time.”

And in Non-Story News. There’s nothing new to report about the cop award situation, but there’s a new story about it anyway. And also, someone decided to fly an Arizona flag in remembrance of the shooting victims last month. But some people were concerned the flag was being flown in support of Arizona’s immigration policy. It wasn’t. And Oklahoma inmates could be reading your license plates. Which could make some people mad, because inmates reading license plates is scary. Except that, it’s not.


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    You shoulda filed the Seven-year-old-rocker story under Non-Story News….