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Leading Off (2/16/11)


Ron Natinsky gets Dallas Police Association endorsement. Although, honestly, this probably has more to do with DPA head Glenn White’s distaste for David Kunkle than any real affection for Natinsky. Maybe it’s weird that Mike Rawlings wasn’t even interviewed, but an actual criminal would have a decent shot at scoring the DPA nod if Kunkle was one of the choices. White hates Kunkle, if you missed that.

Rodrigue Beaubois to finally make debut. “I would just caution everybody to just temper this with some realistic expectations,” coach Rick Carlisle said. “It’s going to be hard coming off six months without playing. We’ll see.” Fine, I’ll temper my expec — RODDY’S BACK! RODDY’S BACK! RODDY’S BACK!

Chief David Brown to reward officers on Super Bowl detail, anger all others. It really is a fine line between those who were actually assigned Super Bowl duties and those who helped out simply by doing their jobs. So maybe Chief Brown should have held off, especially during sweeps. Also, Glenn White just announced that he is endorsing whomever Brown’s opponent is in the 2018 mayoral race.

I went ahead and searched “John Wiley Price” on YouTube for you. You’re welcome. Just to make it a little easi — RODDY’S BACK! FRENCH CUFFS! RODDY BUCKETS! Sorry.

Someone likes what Jim Moroney is up to at the Dallas Morning News. Peter Osnos called Moroney a “daredevil” on The Atlantic‘s site. “Watch the Dallas Morning News, whose publisher, James M. Moroney, is determined to reinvent the model with a higher subscription price, pay walls, and a smaller circulation, or go down fighting.” Any praise Osnos directed toward the DMN‘s iPad/iPhone apps or their new website did not make it past fact check.