• Debbie

    And y’all thought the Commissioners’ meetings were going to be dull.

  • Katy

    I love when news “erupts” into controversy and an actual controversy is involved.

  • Kat Mendenhall

    Another proud moment to live in Dallas.

  • Tom

    The local stations are loving this – it’s ratings month, ya know.

  • Jones

    Clip doesn’t show the remarks that led to this, including the term “tribal,” and the context of the “chief moolah” phrase. I haven’t heard that phrase before, so I’ll defer to Price on it. In fact, I’m probably willing to give him a pass on this (not that he’d care), if this gentleman did indeed have a smirking racism to his language. Commissioners aren’t paid to take that.

  • Dudosa hermano

    JWP must be back on steroids.

  • Chris

    Reason #1,408,389 That I will never live in the City of Dallas, or Dallas County

  • FabFran

    Seriously. Why do people still elect this man to represent them in the County.

    If I am not mistaken I also see Dr. Garcia smirk/smile when Price is yelling at everyone. I hope not.

    BTW, isn’t this what Dr. Garcia’s campaign team accused Mayfield of doing – “being disruptive, shouting, etc” at Commissioners meetings.

    Long road ahead.

  • Mike has a longer video on their website right now. You can see most of speech that lead into the eruption.

    I think they people speaking were poking JWP with a stick but he definitely shouldn’t have responded like that. Entertaining for sure.

  • i miss his racquetball glasses.

  • Doug

    Anybody ever heard the word moolah refer to anything besides money? Anybody doubt the speaker was pointing out Price’s penchant of looking out for himself at the expense of the citizens of Dallas? Of course not, but there won’t be one person brave enough to point out that Price is a racist fool and needs to go so he’ll continue embarrassing this city just like he has for nearly three decades now, yay Dallas.

  • I am Spartacus

    Just curious…does JWP subscribe to D?

  • This truly concerns me. How am I going to do an autotune mix-mashup of this on Youtube when the original audio is so bad?

  • skipper

    Complete embarrassment to this city. Pure ignorance and stupidity.

  • Du-Oh

    Wow! This harks back to his days of breaking windshield wipers. It is a shame that an elected official is so inherently racist and the county (and voters) can’t see fit to change that.

  • LakeWWWooder

    Chris enjoy your residency in obscurity.

  • Wm. B. Travis

    My people are Dutch.

  • I knew the new “elder statesman” Price was a crock of shit. Here’s the old race pimp roid rager we all know.

  • borborygmus

    White County Commission stands up and yells, “All of you are black. Go to hell.”

    Still doesn’t taste right.

  • RAB

    And yet don’t we secretly envy Price his freedom? To wear corn rows in his hair like an eighth-grader? To spew racist venom — and then flourish the race card himself? To make a mockery of his job and prance like a circus clown? Think how liberating it must be! Oh, to tinkle on polite society’s feet!

  • Jane Doe

    This man is the reason there still is problems. If he truly wanted change and to work for “ALL” of the people, he would put his personal differences aside and actually do what is best for the county. Instead, he wants to blame everything on race and other people. Have we not become more intelligent as people, or do we stay in the past and not progress. I think we know JWP’s anwser. Enough said. Time for change. He thru a good man out of the job for not reason.

  • Jorge R

    How do we stop this racist, hateful man?

  • B. L. Powell

    The WFAA vid indeed shows the entire episode. Can’t post the link from my iPhone, but it’s there. The speaker uses the term “mullah,” but mispronounces it “mOOlah.” That term is not accurate for Price, who is not a Muslim, unless the speaker means it to mean a leader of some sort. But that he repeats the phrase “chief mullah” means he’s either intentionally redundant or he misunderstands the meaning of the word.

    Price’s response was unacceptable for a public servant. He should tender his resignation immediately and retire from politics before an already troubled record (to put it lightly) is further diminished.

    Oh, and JWP’s Wikipedia listing has already been updated. Interwebz FTW!

  • John Price is out of control,I think he finally lost his mind.The term used had nothing to do with race,the man is ignorant to words and meaning.Price did not know Black Hole,now he doesnt know Mullah has not idea of what is correct.This man has nothing but hate and use of Race card when he has no logical reason for what he does.The way he and Jenkins handle the Sherbet firing was wrong.The only reason there are not a lot of Black people down there is they are actually afraid of John Price,he destroys peoples lives that speak out against him.Judge Jenkins did not try to stop Price or bring meeting to order,he shouted at Citizen.

  • Garcia and Jenkins had smirk’s on their faces. Garcia is accustom to speakers saying what they want at Dallas City Hall,they only make 34,000.00 a year Commissioners make over 100,000 of Taxpayers money to hear from Citizen,Mr.Turner never called John Price by name,he made an example of Chief Mullah wanting to be in charge of entire County,he said Chief Mullah several times in reference to wanting to control.He did not call Price Mullah and if he had it was still not racist.
    John Price has met his match and so have Clay Jenkins,they are going to work to get them both out of Office,Good for them.

  • Wylie H.

    It was very disturbing to see Elba Garcia seeming to find it so delightfully funny as John Wiley Price variously called out folks for being white and threatened some of them with physical violence.

  • K. F. Muller

    While I don’t agree with Price’s reaction, and feel he’s an embarrassment to the county, the folks that were speaking are complete idiots.

    They can come and sling insults his way, instead of engaging in polite discourse, and as soon as he tells them to “go to hell”, they want to whine and complain like little children on the playground. Of course, this is the M.O. of many groups, like the Tea Baggers, nowadays. Come in, take advantage of the process, and then cry because somebody calls them out for their BS tactics. Oh, and it’s true for both sides of the political spectrum, not just the so-called conservatives.

  • Guy From Fort Worth

    Stay classy Dallas!

  • I’ve always liked JRP. He’s a lightning rod for racism and we need those on occasion.

    I use the term “lightning rod” because it fits. A lightning rod attracts lightning and sends it to the ground where its power is dispersed and nullified without doing much damage.

    Those that see JRP as a racist are racists. If anyone should understand JRP’s sensitivity to words it should be those who so quickly find his words racist.

    Go JRP!

    It should be disclosed that I live in Collin County.

  • CollinBabs

    Nothing has changed. Remember the Ragsdale/Lipscomb/Price days? Price is doing what he has always done. I’ve seen him act this way for 30 years.

    Only the voters can change it OR he somehow gets forced out on a technicality.

    And the people are not served by this bully in the schoolyard. Who will take him on? Reverse racism is still racism and should not be tolerated, but he has gotten away with it for years.

    Dallas cannot move forward and remains mired in the muck created by its political clowns.

  • Boozer

    I think it’s great that Dr. Garcia finds this clown entertaining. I’d be laughing too if I had to witness his antics! Keep it coming JWP, your actions speak volumes about the people who keep voting for you.

  • RAB

    “Those that see JRP as a racist are racists.”

    Hmm, is that how you see it, Harvey Lacey?

    Let’s try this one: Those that see Hilter as a nazi are nazis.

    Kind of goofy, isn’t it?

    It’s your prerogative to support JWP. But try to maintain a little intellectual honest, okay?

  • bluebird

    the people who elect him think he’s a hero. yesterday afternoon, KRLD had its “call us and tell us what YOU think” and a caller said that Price was to be congratulated for ‘standing up to white people’.

    i hope those folks who showed up to speak continue complaining about Bruce Sherbet’s dismissal

  • borborygmus

    I guess we could ALL show up at the next meeting wearing “I AM WHITE, GO TO HELL” t-shirts. I think they should be white print on black fabric.

  • marisa

    STOP giving him press. That is what he loves almost as much as himself. He looks and acts like a spoiled child. Why does he get elected? Is he trying to control the ballot box? Wake up people he needs to GO away. He just likes to stir the pot in a very unpositive way that looks bad for Dallas.

  • Chief_Mullah

    Let’s examine Price’s words.

    All of you are white. Go to Hell.

    Price is making the conclusion that because people are white they deserve some sort of punitive treatment. This belies the assumption that race determines a person’s worth and that the white race is “bad” and deserves to be punished.

    Racism is the belief that race determines someone’s qualities and that some races are inferior ie, “bad”. Therefore Price is an openly avowed racist and must be removed from office.

  • I kinda dig “I AM WHITE GO TO HELL”.

  • Maybe there are other people in here just like me who thinks the same about this issue, because for me it isnt a big issue.