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Construction Update: Museum Tower

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Today’s update on the construction at Museum Tower is brought by Courtney Foreman.

As promised, I am back this week with an update on Museum Tower’s construction progress. No doubt the dramatic climate conditions have affected work somewhat but overall development hasn’t been halted.

Construction at Museum Tower
Construction at Museum Tower

Developers say that they’re satisfied with the work that’s been completed during the month of January and continue towards enhancing the vertical construction of Museum Tower. The first level floor slab has been the main area of work this week and is estimated to be finished and placed by early next week. The formwork of the columns from the first floor to the second floor will be what developers will be concentrating on in the coming weeks.
For next week’s update, I am told we can look forward to the completion of the parking garage on the south end of the building and the tower crane moving its location from the north end of the site to the south. Be sure to keep checking FrontBurner for updates on the development of Museum Tower as the year progresses. –Courtney Foreman