Celebrities React to Arctic Dallas Weather

I know we get snow at least once a winter. But for some reason, I think people who haven’t spent much time in Texas think we experience balmy, lovely temperatures all year round.

But with the advent of Twitter, you can now see what a celebrity is thinking when they experience snow in Dallas. So with that, I give you: A Children’s Treasury of Bewildered Celebrity Weather and Other Super Bowl Weekend Tweets.

See any more? Add ’em to the comments.


  • LO

    Have you read these tweets? From Pdiddy/?: “Mapquest that b***h!” Oy vey! How did Dallas miss out on some of the more um, shall I say, “eloquent” celebs of SB’s past? You know, Bruce, Bono, the Stones! Heck I’d take Justin and Janet at this point. OK, thank you for being here. Now quit whining about the snow.

  • MCC


  • a dallas guy

    I live in North Dallas and I have not seen a snow plow or even a truck spreading gravel since before Monday, if you don’t count the ones on the news who seem to be catering exclusively to designated Super Bowl areas.

  • Steve

    Are we a world-class city yet?

  • Bethany Anderson

    @a dallas guy: I drove the DNT Wednesday and it was a solid sheet of ice from Keller Springs to Frisco. I saw one sand truck the whole time, ineffectually throwing some sand in the far left lane. You couldn’t see lane markers at all, so we all just kind of guessed.

  • Bethany Anderson

    JimmyT: I’m sure Carol Burnett, Larry Hagman, Donny Osmond, Charo and Tom Jones are due any minute.

  • Barbara

    Sorry about all the woes in big “D”. Obviously like most cities that don’t have harsh winters the area is not prepared for this kind of event. Understand this will/has created a loss of revenue for many venues but it is what it is. Go buy a bag of frito’s and some queso, warm up by the fireplace and stay out of traffic until the weather clears. Watch the Superbowl at home on your 54″ flat screen and be thankful you don’t live in Illinois or Ohio where they put up with this stuff all winter long.

  • EdwardSzabo

    Shouldn’t the city be prepared for these emergencies even if they’re rare?

    Can’t they just store a big pile of sand somewhere for years at a time?

    This does not inspire confidence about how they would respond to a dirty bomb, an anthrax attack, etc.

  • sam

    I think the most important question is where is Gene Simmons Blvd??

  • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

    @DM … thanks, I heart you too!

  • Nancy Nichols

    Mapquest that beyatch is a keeper.

  • Bethany Anderson

    Nancy, I think, “Mapquest that beeyotch” should replace, “And that makes me sad.”

  • @Whiskey Tango Foxtrot And you thought I was going to roll you.