Best of Big D Readers’ Choice: Food and Drink Voting Starts on Monday, February 28

blog_postTrue story:  Not half an hour ago I was walking down Akard Street in downtown Dallas when I approached a couple of thirty-something gentlemen having a passionate discussion. In the 20 seconds or so during which I was within earshot of their conversation (as I passed them walking the opposite way), this is what I heard:

Fella No. 1: I’m telling you, it doesn’t compete.

Fella No. 2: I’m just saying the margarita I had at Primo’s is the best thing I’ve ever tasted.

Fella No. 2: But if you’ve been to Maximo, there’s just nothing better.

Fella No. 1: <something garbled by the sound of a passing truck>

End scene

This vignette isn’t notable solely because it gave me a brilliant idea for my latest one-act play, To The Max – the story of two best friends who fall in love with a set of fraternal twins (one a shy chef, the other a hot-tempered bartender), set against the colorful backdrop of a Mexican restaurant in North Dallas.

No, it’s notable because it gives me the perfect excuse to tell you that our 2011 Best of Big D Readers’ Choice poll kicks off at midnight on Monday, February 28. The first round of voting, which will last for two weeks, is focused on Food and Drink. Fella No. 1 and Fella No. 2 won’t have to come to blows to decide which restaurant has the best margarita in town. They can simply come to our website to vote once an hour (yes, once an hour) during the polling period to ensure their favorites come out on top.  Among the many other important questions to be decided: The best burger in town, the best pizza, the best Chinese, the best wine shop, and the best outdoor dining. The winners will be announced in our annual Best of Big D issue in August.

Just come to on Monday, and we’ll point you to where you need to vote.

Plus: This year, we’re also making it possible for you to vote on your smartphone. I’ll have more details about that on Monday.


  • Cecil McDermit

    The duo you overheard on the street could have been Archie and Arthur. Not only do they have a well known beef about the ‘boys but the mixing of a perfect cocktail may add to their fiery debates.

  • Mike Cleary

    Maximo has some killer ‘ritas!

  • Len

    Taco Joint is the GREATEST!!!