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A Response to Channel 8 Story is Forthcoming

By Dan Koller |

By this time, I’m probably not breaking any news to anybody, but I want to acknowledge that, yes, Park Cities People columnist Merritt Patterson was featured on Channel 8 on Monday night.

Investigative reporter Brett Shipp – a Highland Park High School graduate, by the way – looked into the finances of Surrogate Parenting Center of Texas, a business that Merritt closed last fall. He interviewed at least two infertile couples and at least two egg donors, all of whom had a beef with Merritt over money they say she owed them – and none of whom were named.

Since the piece aired, I’ve been inundated with demands for a response. And that’s understandable. Because if you know Merritt, then you know that if Shipp had focused his attention on any other Park Cities resident, she would have linked to his report from our blog. Remaining silent on the issue would make us look hypocritical.

But it’s not so easy to respond to something like that quickly. I wasn’t nearly as blind-sided as Merritt was, but I was taken aback just the same.

We plan to publish our own report on Surrogate Parenting Center of Texas in our Feb. 25 edition. Because he’s new here and barely knows Merritt, the story will be written by Bradford Pearson. And unlike Shipp, we will name our sources, we will give everyone involved ample time to respond, and we won’t ambush anyone with a camera as they leave home to pick up their kids.