Troy Aikman and His Wife Split Up

Two sources with knowledge of the matter have confirmed what we’ve been hearing for about a week now: Troy Aikman has separated from his wife, Rhonda. The couple wed in 2000. It’s unclear how long they’ve been separated, but Rhonda bought a house in North Dallas in November.

Ordinarily, this matter wouldn’t concern us. As far as it is known, the couple is still married. That Rhonda is living in a different house is a matter perhaps worth gossiping about but not publishing. It feels a bit like reporting that the couple isn’t having a happy marriage. Really, that’s their business. They divorce, that’s a different matter. Aikman is a public figure.

But here’s the thing: he’s on our cover this month. Our subhead reads, “The football god on marriage, loss, and how he lucked into broadcasting the biggest game on earth.” For those who are aware of the Aikmans’ split — and it appears that many people in town have known since at least Christmas, when Rhonda did not appear at the annual Aikman party — that cover line will suggest that he talked to the magazine about his marital troubles. He didn’t. Zac Crain reported the story in late November and early December, before we knew about the separation. He didn’t ask about it, and Troy (understandably) didn’t volunteer the information.

That is one way our cover line might create confusion. The story itself, since it doesn’t mention the split, might also lead people to theorize that we worked with the Aikman camp to burnish his image before the news of the couple’s separation got out. That’s not true. We made no agreement with his people about subject matter that was to be avoided. On Friday, I asked Troy’s representative at Fox Sports for comment on the matter; that comment is still, I hope, forthcoming.


  • DGirl

    I’m sorry to hear this.

    No I’m not. And I’m totally available.

    Just be good to your kids, Aikmans. Don’t screw them up because you don’t want to be married anymore.

    And I’ll be glad to sign a pre-nup.

  • So now he and Joe Buck are separated from their wives. Sad times for the A team.

  • Special K

    Totally worth writing about when the $1.5 million house is only in the wife’s name.

  • Stephen (with a PH, not a V)

    Well, duh, everyone saw the split coming.

  • Hein

    “Come on, we know our story’s out of date, but it’s still worth reading. We promise!”

  • I don’t get it. How is this related to the “Tim Situation”?

  • Bobby Ewing

    I’m just curious as to why this warrants an inquiry to Fox for some sort of statement about Troy’s personal life? Why ask? And what do you expect them to say? What would D Magazine say when asked about an employee who was going through this? Hopefully the same thing as Fox: “we’re not going to comment. Butt out.” I know journalists always go through this procedure (asking a studio or a network or a publicist) but have never understood why.

  • @Bobby Ewing: I sought comment from Fox not because he works there but because it’s the only option available. My understanding is that Aikman does not have a personal publicist. The only person to go through to get comment is the person at Fox we worked with to arrange the interviews for our story.

  • Hein

    a.k.a. “We put him on our cover, but we don’t have a reliable way to get in touch with him.”

  • @Hein: Vanity Fair has Justin Bieber on its cover right now. Do you think the writer has Bieber’s cellphone?

    Follow-up question: our blog clearly gives you no pleasure. Why do you insist on reading it so thoroughly?

  • Amy A

    You think Skip Bayless is telling people “Told ya” now?!?! LOL

    I loved this article, by the way. I sent a copy of the mag to several of my Cowboys-lovin’ friends that live out of state. It was really well written, and I loved the comparison of TROY vs Troy. Well done.

  • Daniel

    My takeaway: Tim Rogers has taken advantage of his journalistic credentials to get Justin Bieber’s cellphone number. Is it too late/early to revive the phrase “squicked out”?

  • Amy S

    Mean Monday. This makes me sad.

  • stanley stevens

    i’m just sorry that house is the best mrs. aikman can do with her prenup.

    troy, i thought you were a better man then that…

  • J.C.

    I hear Sandra Bullock is single.

  • Tom

    Maybe Hein is upset because he/she didn’t get an invite to FrontBurner Live.

  • Future Politician

    Thanks for the clarification. I read Zac’s story this weekend. Could someone please point me to the page and paragraph where the “football god” discusses marriage? The only mention I recall was that he got married. I found the subhead to be a little misleading a la DMN.

    Whether intended or not, this does add a twist to the story.

  • KEH

    The highly unflattering front cover picture isn’t going to help his dating prospects

  • chan

    This is hardly news. We heard about it at A) S&D Oyster Company in August from a random business man, B) from a reliable connected source (read: friend of Jerry’s) in November and C) from a real estate agent in December.

  • Special K

    This is all fine and good, but when are you going to be posting Justin Bieber’s phone number?

  • Leave him alone. He’s a human.

  • CollinBabs

    @spunky — not according to that picture! UGH It’s a Borg, it’s one of the pod-people, it’s a mannequin, it’s an avatar. It certainly doesn’t look human.

  • rc

    Any idea what is behind the breakup?

  • Bill

    I can appreciate the thought that D Mag should mention something about this on the blog to tamp down any misperceptions about the article.

    That said, really, your title should read like a topic list for the interview. If “marriage” was going to be one of the focal points, then do some background research and talk to Aikman about it. If not, leave it out of the title.

    My guess is that the story was in the can and then the title was thought up. It’s probably the rare case when that backfires.

  • bkaine

    Notice Tim only answered half of bobby ewing’s question…not the part about it being a D employee. We know the answer for that.

  • Daniel

    I think in the article itself, Zac Crain says something like, “He’s six-foot-four, brawny and has a head that looks like it was carved out of a six-cubic-foot block of butter for the amusement of State Fair-goers.” So the cover portrait is totally thematically appropriate.

  • @bkaine: Sorry. Didn’t mean to dodge the question. If Troy Aikman were an employee of D Magazine, we would issue a prepared statement if asked whether he and his wife had separated.

  • Sad. Another one bites the dust. Heard too many kids say they will never marry ’cause
    then you go through divorce, and they never want to have kids. I hope the split isn’t because of cheating, that makes it even harder for kids, if they find out.
    Agree with the comment about protecting the kids, above all else. Being a public figure,
    and fame has it’s disadvantages.

  • Bobby Ewing

    And that prepared statement from D Magazine would hopefully say “We don’t comment on the personal lives of our employees.” To seek validation or personal details via an employer or even a publicict simply strikes me as obsequiously sordid. Yes it’s prudish perhaps. But if and when legal papers are filed everyone who is interested in these celebrity breadcrumbs will be able to feast, at least temporarily, and then move on to more empty calories.

  • Hein

    @Tim Rogers:

    If I don’t post 15 FrontBurner comments per week, the checks from Wick stop coming.

    I don’t enjoy it, but I gotta put food on the table. Them’s the times, you know?

  • TimEnvy

    @Tim Rogers I also don’t think that the writer of the Justin Beiber article is on any comment blog talking about the comments that people are leaving about the Justin Bieber article.
    You come across as 100% ego-centric. Just deliver the story, then move on. Let us lower-station types argue and post comments. You must not get a lot of sleep at night, consumed by what others think and say. Geez.

  • Dave

    @TimEnvy Why? People ask questions, and he answers them. That’s the job of journalists, to provide information. If you don’t want to hear what Tim has to say, then maybe don’t read his blog posts?

  • Dave

    Although if I’m allowed a tiny bit of snark, I might change the web headline, “Do you know the real Troy?” Because it sounds like Zac’s time with him proves that we don’t.

  • sandy

    Well, I think that Troy came to his senses and realized that my kids are grown and I am ready for him. Seriously, I am sorry to hear this, hopefully they do the right thing.

  • Henriette

    Well, there is a 2,000 pound pink elephant in the room here, that no one has dared touch (so far) and we all know what it is.

  • Ty Hampton

    Hein is full of it. Check your sources before you print:
    “wick” is NOT capitalized: -any piece of cord that conveys liquid by capillary action;
    WIC: (look it up and you’ll have a full understanding) It’s really sad these days people don’t have a clue who is really supporting them(or, at least, fake it well enough)It must be all the texting you kids do.
    What’s up with Troy’s picture#%!?

  • Ty Hampton

    FYI. I have a hand-written note from Troy’s office(presumably written by Troy himself, but I cannot validate that at this time), back from the early 1990’s that was sent to a crazed fan who seemed to be “stalking” Troy.The female seemed to be a nutcase as she had a picture of Troy cutout and fastened to her steering wheel.I found the note,bearing Troy’s letterhead,ripped apart in an empty, perfectly clean trash can.Man, what he and other superstars must go through! Bottom line: Troy is human, too, and no one should be presuming or judging anything unless they hear all the facts from all parties first. Go back to work everybody.

  • Doug

    You’re in our thoughts and prayers, Troy! Dallas loves you, we’re proud to have had you represent our city in the way you did, and we’re proud to call you a resident. Best of luck!

  • Du-Oh

    @ Henriette. Yes indeed! Enquiring minds want to know.

  • Henriette

    @Du-oh We already know, but nobody dare speaketh about it.

  • Captn Crunch

    Always knew big ”D” was the Divorce capital of the world. Had they only moved to Dime Box like Rhonda wanted . . .

  • fly on the wall

    @Heriette & Du-Oh ….At this point I do not think anyone really cares… I hear the friend left him and then Rhonda left him.. At least won’t it won’t be an issue at super bowl this year likes last years….Both in same box…

  • Wow…what an awful photo of Troy on the cover of your magazine!

  • barnyfife

    Who cares. I certainly don’t.

  • Winterlyn Windthorpe

    Captn Crunch:Wouldn’t that have been a spectacle, the Beverly Hills Banker moves to Hillbilly Hollow.
    He was a brilliant athlete, and today is a brilliant businessman and polished celebrity. His wife from Paris, Texas, was a secondary action to his career and an expected accessory to his success.
    Although divorce is very sad it is frequently part of life in today’s world of economics and autonomy. People functionally marry to produce their heirs. He is one of the rare examples where no faith is lost in him as a public image. If anything he’s “Hot”..

  • Henriette

    Still… nobody dares go there. To where the real issue is, I mean. The worst-kept secret in Dallas. (silence, except for crickets chirping) Amazing.

  • Jeff

    Now here’s a guy to where you just gotta attack the situation and don’t wait for what the other guy gives you.

  • Chris Weber

    Henriette: Are ya’ll saying Troy plays for the other team and this finally destroyed the marriage?

  • Henriette

    @Chris Weber You can’t destroy something that wasn’t genuine to begin with. Rhonda
    knew what she was getting into; she was a p.r. person for the team, and the marriage was precisely that- public relations. Now, after 10 years, it is time to move on, take a pile of money, and get some reality in her life before it’s too late. And don’t ya’ll tsk-tsk at me; I am at the end of a very long line of folks who know about Troy. “Not that there’s anything wrong with it.” But to pretend the real issue here doesn’t exist is mighty silly.

  • GrammarPolice

    ‘The couple are ..’ couple = plural

  • Anonymous

    Couple is singular. The couple contains two components, but the couple, itself, is singular, and treated as such. Look it up, right after you turn in your badge.

  • Chris Weber

    @Henriette. I don’t agree. But thanks for sharing.

  • ApostropheNow

    @Chris Weber @Henriette: It’s “y’all”, not “ya’ll”. The apostrophe represents the missing letters “ou” in “You all”.

  • Anonymous Star

    Why is it that everyone LOVES a tragedy or failure of some sort?? In this case~a failed marriage! I just hope and pray that Troy will still get to spend quality time with his children and watch them grow into the same classy individuals that he is!! As for his looks…..I personally think he’s very handsome!! Still, his looks are only one part of a amazing man with an incredible inside too! Now, that’s attractive to me along with all of the other beautiful women in the world who AREN’T gold-diggers! Yes guys…..WE DO EXIST!! 🙂

  • gre

    Won’t be a best kept secret too long with the middle of the nite hours running in and out of the house. Who’s the young errand boy?