Quick Questions For Thursday

1. Is there ever an excuse to whistle to techno music in an office setting?

2. If not, what’s a suitable punishment?

3. What’s your favorite No Doubt song? And do you want to hear it more? If so, click here.

4. Are you going to the Granada tonight?

5. Lemon, lime, orange or plain La Croix?

OK – go. And don’t disappoint me, people.


  • Sarah

    1. Never appropriate to whisle techno. Its 2011. 😉


    3. Don’t Speak

    4. Yes!!!. So stoked. 😉
    Thank you D Magazine, you rock!!!

    5. Lime La Croix

  • 1) Yes. During a job performance review.
    2) The final report from your job performance review.
    3) “Under Construction” (only one on my iTunes playlist for some reason)
    4) Yes. If Bibbentuckers can return my Meerkat fur tuxedo.
    5) Lime.

  • 4. 50/50

  • 1. yes, as long as it is a dog whistle
    2. Listening to American Idol
    3. Too old to know the answer
    4. Yes (DMBurrows, you can borrow mine)
    5. neat

  • Seven

    5. Grapefruit

  • vms

    1) Whistling. It’s what to do when there’s no chalkboard handy to run your fingernails down.

  • Amy S

    1. Maybe, why, is it like, wrong?
    2. Make them work at home, like I do.
    3. Who?
    4. Yes
    5. Any, in a glass, over ice, with a twist.

  • meddling moderate

    1. Only if you look exactly like Robert Smith
    2. Can’t wear black for a month
    3. “It’s My Life” a Talk Talk song but I like the way she sings it

  • Borborygmus

    Camera flashes light the red carpet tonight
    At Granada, the bloggers all alight.
    For an evening of fun,
    Our time in the sun.
    Thanks Wick, and D Staffers, for the invite.

    I’m certainly not alone with concern
    Of comments made, intending to burn.
    Points made at expense
    Of those committing offense
    And screaming out for a poetic return.

    But hopefully, my cover’s pretty good.
    I’ve got three or four names if you should
    Ask me if I’m me,
    Intending to see
    A face with a name, understood?

  • Brandy

    5. Berry. Even better with some Tito’s and a lime.

  • 1. i like to sing electronic music personally. at the office too