My Favorite E-mail of The Day

I just got a piece of spam from Belgium that was begging me to visit a certain website. I will not be visiting the site, and I won’t mention its URL here, but I did want to share three amusing pieces of the e-mail.

The greeting: “Hello Hello – Dallas, home of JR”

The appeal: “It would be sooo cool if you could just go to the website once, or maybe…., just maybe, mention it in your press empire’s statements.”

The sign off: “Best waffles”


  • I am so stealing and using ‘best waffles’ in place of my more boring ‘cheers’ and ‘best’. Thanks!

    best waffles,


  • *Giggle*

    Best waffles is on my plate now too! I’m getting rid of ‘tootles’

    Best waffles,