Make-Up Post: Dallas is Awesome

I’m tired of typing this in the comments so here we go: I love Dallas. I love almost everything about it. Do I wish restaurants stayed open later, because I’m a bit more of a night owl than some? Sure, but that’s quibbling.

Anyway, I could use a big dose of positivity this morning. So, in the comments, name what you love about Dallas.


  • I am Spartacus

    I love the fact that a local magazine editor can make a legitimate bid for Mayor, run a positive campaign and keep his sense of humor about it afterwards.

  • Rod Dreher

    Central Market! Miss it crazy bad since moving to Philadelphia last year. It is the happiest place on Earth. Mostly.

  • Kellyn

    Uncle Nancy

  • mm

    Snuffer’s cheese fries. Bishop Arts district. White Rock Lake. Ozona. Cheap housing. DFW nearby. Your Dallas Mavericks (at least when Dirk comes back). DART. Elliott’s Hardware. The Ticket. Yep, the Ticket.

  • Tom

    The montage during the opening credits, with the theme in the background.

    Oh, you mean the city, not the TV show?

  • Amy S

    I love that within 45 minutes in any direction (except due West), you are completely out of the city. Some of the prettiest countryside is just outside of our borders. Daycations await every weekend.

    I love that Dallas folk always want to know “How do you like it?” when new people move here. Now, after 27 years I do it too.

    I love that so many people who grew up in Dallas have returned to raise their families here. I hope my kids do too.

    I love that there is only about 3 degrees of separation in this city. 2 degrees if you’re a commentor on a blog.

  • Kris

    Most of the time… the weather, but not this week!

  • in no particular order:
    1. That there is a terrific grass roots community here making art, and contributing talent. Zac, seeing you at Frankie’s memorial, while I’m standing in line with Dave Little, local comic was a real reflection of that. Hundreds of people on the street to support a family of their own.
    2. All the Theater. We love Kitchen Dog, but I like the direction of the DTC
    3. Film, holy cow: Magnolia, Dallas Film Festival; and now the Texas Theater showing terrific seldom seen movies. My son Will and I loved the newly restored Metropolis!
    4. Music (Kessler; Sons of Herman; Doublewide; Allgood; ATT Patio Sessions…
    5. Nature (more on that later….
    6. Hey, front burner, front row.

    amen to I am Spartacus!

  • cbs

    no question-
    1. White Rock Lake (and the dream of the trinty development)
    2. Good people

  • Justin

    I love the resurgence in Downtown, it may have a ways to go but it has come pretty far already. I really don’t want to live in any other part of the city, it’s as much its own neighborhood as Deep Ellum or Bishop Arts.

    I love our economic prospects for the future.

    I love at least one of our city council members.

    I love the strip clubs.

  • Gedoffur Hihorz

    bright copper kettles and warm wollen mittens………

  • loves lfh

    Little Forest Hills

  • James

    Tex Mex, BBQ, The Porch, The Ticket, NorthPark Mall, College Football, Mavs, Rangers, Cowboys, Arts District, St Paddy’s Day Parade and I could go on and on and on…

  • bcat

    Dallas combines the best attributes of the other US regions — a bit of West Cost wackiness; some Midwestern practicality; a little NE sophistication and general Southern hospitality. As a result, people here can get things done while not being overly boring or annoying!

  • Jay Sunmeier

    Living in East Dallas and knowing that, if you can’t make it out, nearly every great restaurant delivers to your door.

  • Pedro527

    The fact that it’s only 30-40 minutes due east of the dull, Republican, Christian-dominated, business-trumps-all city I mistakenly chose to move to 6 years ago…and, of course, the kettles and the mittens…

  • TLS

    Jazz hands.

  • yeah…um

    east dallas, oak cliff, oak lawn, uptown, downtown, deep ellum, the cedars, design district…

    all the different centrally located neighborhoods that really make the city unique and have something to offer.

    but then I also love the ability to head north to places like Koreatown or Walnut and Audelia, downtown richardson or carrolton. Indian food in irving…

    all the great diners that have been around for years…


    Being so big and spread out means there is a heck of lot to explore…and eat.

  • MikeInEuless

    Its wonderful suburbs, particularly Euless. And the Katy Trail, although the Katy Trail would be even better if it stretched to Euless.

  • Former texan

    I moved to Winston-Salem, NC 9 years ago. Things I miss about Dallas:
    True Southern hospitality (people here think they have it, but don’t),people who know that Green means go, 7 Eleven (Big gulps and Slurpees), Home Depot in Mesquite that stayed open 24 hours, more than 8 choices when going to the movies, a decent gun store, 24 hour gas stations (seriously, they close at like 9 here), alternative radio stations, Greenville Avenue, good Tex Mex (I have one place here that keeps me alive), good shopping (I’m a guy and I still miss having a NorthPark, ’cause sometimes you need it), real barbecue (they use vinegar here – yuck!! I would love to try Leslie Brenners top BBQ picks ).

    That’s a short list I came up with off the cuff. I miss Dallas a lot. Besides, it’s in Texas!

  • JS

    That anyone can run for mayor if they get enough people to sign a petition!

  • JS

    That I can post a comment without reading the other comments and thus realize that others have already raised this topic. 🙁

  • Daniel

    The friendliest people and the prettiest turtles you’ve ever seen.

  • The fact you can be at one of Dallas’ many quality strip clubs one minute, naked on top of the beer waterfall billboard the next. Sleep it all off in Lew Sterrett and back out to DFW for your American Airlines flight to NYC before noon… or, so I’ve heard.

  • The thing I like most about Dallas is that we are a much cooler city than outsiders think we are.

  • Drinkin’ Steve Fawcett

    The State Fair – awesome junk food, best people watching event and Texas/OU (at least for now).

  • bigtex

    Junius Heights is awesome.
    And I proudly wear my ZC ’07 tshirt every time I mow the lawn! Its charcoal gray and so sweet!

  • Oh, I want a ZC07 T shirt. Can you still get them?

    • @Jack: if I have anymore of them, and I kind of think the last several disappeared in my last move, you can have one.

  • Fake Mike Doocey

    Fiona, beer, and my pants.

  • The Real Drinkin’ Steve

    St Paddy’s parade.

    State Fair, pfft.

  • FRED

    I live in East Dallas and since I got the iPhone and Facebook with my friends checking in, I can see that just about everything I would ever want to do is within a mile or so – at the most, 2 or 3 miles and a $10 cab ride. North Oak Cliff is slightly farther but that just makes it more of an adventure.
    I never get on a tollway or freeway and buy gasoline once a month.

  • jack e. jett. I’d be happy to give you mine. I do love it
    though. I’ll trade it for a beer or two….or three.

  • thejonesey

    North Oak Cliff – everyone’s friendly and you can walk or bike to the best restaurants or bars in Dallas. And I can walk to The Kessler.
    Green space – White Rock Lake, Keist Park, Katy Trail. It’s nice.
    BBQ – some of the best in the state is right here.
    Deep Ellum – I can take the Green Line there (taxi home for now until they change their stupid hours). Trees, LaGrange, All Good, and now so much more

  • @jack e. jett (11:56am): I totally agree with you on that one!

  • Poodle

    I love that Dallas is not New York. I love that it’s mostly warm in winter, and I even love the blazing hot summer. I love that I could find a place to buy in Uptown for $75,000. I love that people here care about excellent food, theater, music, and art. And I love the easy access to all these things. I love that I can be at the airport in 20 minutes and pay just $8 to park. I love that this is a sparkling new and modern city that’s invested in itself. I love the trolley, the Katy Trail, Turtle Creek (and all those aforementioned pretty turtles), and that I can get in my car and drive to a half dozen Target stores in under a half hour.

  • RJ

    I love the schools in Lakewood!

  • Emily

    Totally late to the party but I love that it’s not full of idiot, do gooder hippies like another tx city everybody loves. It has incredible diversity.

    I also want to clarify that you don’t ‘sleep it off’ at lew sterritt. You sleep it off at the drunk tank in deep ellum.

  • David McQuaid

    I love lots of things about Dallas. I love the music scene, The Kessler, The Granada, The Allgood, Club Dada. I love Spiceman’s F.M. 1410 and Jimmy’s Food Store. I love the OC. I love the Katy Trail, the Santa Fe Trail and White Rock Lake. I love tacos from El Si Hay or Fuel City. I love Deep Ellum….good to see it coming back to life with Trees, Dada and The Green Room. I love Rudolph’s Meat Market and Dallas Mozzarella Company. I love Central Market and Whole Foods. I love East Dallas, Henderson Avenue and the soon to be really cool Fitzhugh. I love Turtle Creek and Uptown. I love The Old Monk. I love do gooder hippies! I love the Arts District with the DMA, the Nasher, The Winspear Opera House, The Meyerson & The Wyly. I love The Cedars, with Lee Harvey’s and Baby Back Shack. I love Forgotten Space at The Barley House, especially when Hunter Hendrickson is playing afterward! And just wait until the Margaret Hunt Hill bridge and the Woodall Rodgers Deck Park are completed! Tell me this town ain’t got no heart…ya just gotta poke around!

  • David McQuaid

    I forgot crawfish at Aw Shucks!

  • luniz

    I think the weather is the best thing, but the ability to get cajun food is a nice bonus.

  • PeterK

    Central Market (Whole Foods doesnt come close)
    Half Price books Mothership on NWHighway
    Henks and Black Forest Bakery
    Greenville south of Mockingbird (SoMo?)
    Frontburner and UnFair Park
    The weather (and I live in Virginia)
    White Rock Lake
    Downtown Library
    Old Red
    Lake Cliff
    MATA and DART
    Cowboys, Mavs, Rangers, Stars and FCDallas
    Dallas City Council meetings (best free show on the radio)
    State Fair
    The High Five

  • Brandy

    I love Highland Park, the beautiful homes, the security, the maturity, the serenity. I love the Katy Trail. I love the Design District and can’t wait to see it develop even more. I love the restaurants; Nonna, Nosh, Al Bernait’s, Javiers, brunch at Sangria’s, Highland Park Village, the Angelica and Magnolia, film festivals, the people, Nancy Nichols and sidedish, the Trinity River Audubon Center, the Nasher, the Crow, the Wylie, One Arts Plaza and the residential building, McKinney Avenue, Preston Hollow, Half Price Books, the people, Tom Spicer, Jimmy’s, our star(and reality star) chefs, Dean, Kent, Lisa, Tre, Casey,
    I love the new Duo. I love Uptown Consignment. I love Gallerie Urbane, and Cris Worley FA. So much to do! If you are bored in this town… you might just be booooring yourself!