Leading Off (1/17/11)

No More Mayor Tom: We knew it was going to happen, and now it’s official: Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert will not seek another term as the city’s top dog, and he hints at making a Senate run.

How big are Rick Perry’s ambitions? Speaking of moving on and moving up, Rick Perry may be prepping for a presidential run, and tomorrow’s inaugural speech may tip the governor’s hand. At least that is the opinion of a number of political watchers, such as Royal Masset, former political director of the state Republican Party:

“He’ll absolutely use the speech to talk to a national audience. It will be fascinating,” Masset said.

With West Dallas development looming, can existing neighborhoods be saved? There’s a simple reason why West Dallas is attractive to developers: cheap, cheap, cheap. But once the Calatrava Bridge opens and development gets underway, property values will likely skyrocket. In that scenario, what happens to the existing single family neighborhoods in West Dallas? Will longtime residents be pushed out, or will they cozy up against new, Uptown-style gentrification? That’s what makes the work of the Dallas CityDesign Studio fascinating. Can they figure out a way to make urban infill development something other than scrape and build?


  • I bet Palin is praying for Perry to look like a fool tomorrow night. An even bigger fool than she has been if that’s possible.

    I can see a battle of the P-P’s. Will we have a she P-P (Palin for President) or a male P-P (Perry for President)candidate from the narrow minded?

    One thing for sure, the pundits would have a whackin’ good time. Especially if it’s a Palin/Perry ticket when it all shakes out.

  • Tom

    “He’ll absolutely use the speech to talk to a national audience. It will be fascinating,” Masset said.

    Or embarrassing, depending on your point of view.

  • Bethany Anderson

    Listen, there is an embarrassingly low threshold for what this nation finds fascinating. If you think I’m wrong, do a YouTube search for anything with the word kitten and cute in the title.

  • Perry is one of the very few US governors to attend Bilderberg, so you know where the global powers are placing their bets.

  • Cate

    Such polarizing politicians as a Palin/Perry duo is poison to our country. The anger that has risen out of this last decade and most recently with the shooting is created when one party foams at the mouth at the other. Friedman’s op-ed yesterday hit the nail on the head. I hope for the sake of our nation, we see Palin and Perry simply go back to the woods shooting things.

  • Daniel

    Today, I am embarrassed for our nation. Just throwing that out there.

  • GMOM

    I Googled Bilderberg = frightening, interesting. There really is a “New World Order” that wants to take over. Thank you!