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Yeah, so, the commercial we made for Kru 82? Well, the nice folks over at Kru 82 thought it was quote-unquote “hysterical.” But, as you might imagine, our take on the product was a little, let’s say, off brand. So we decided to take it down. And the planned sequel? The one with the white track suits? Well, that looks like it won’t happen. Except in your dreams, sweet FrontBurnervians. Except in your dreams.


  • Daniel

    So much for leading an active lifestyle. And I was kind of psyched about it, too. Ah, well, guess it’s back to making a cast impression of my buttocks in a barstool, barking recriminations at televised athletes, repelling strangers with garbled denunciations of my ex-wife, and grunting in categorical disdain for Creation.

  • This makes me sad.

  • anon

    Did it ever cross your mind that it wasn’t funny? Do you take us all for a bunch of fools to believe everything you write is true or witty? You tried. You failed. Move on. Don’t make excuses or try and BS us.

  • @anon: I don’t take you all for fools. No. Not all.

  • @Spunky: I’m happy, at least, that we got a catchphrase out of it.

    @anon: Just to set the record straight, we didn’t write any script for that Kru 82 commercial. That was improved. But I would argue that Zac’s performance definitely explored some deep truths.

  • Mudhen

    I have not seen this much hate on D/Tim since the Wick shut down the Web site a few years ago. Ironically, there are lots of parallels between then and now like local political intrigue, bad behavior by Tim and Bethany the peanut gallery still trying to land a full time gig.

  • B. L. Powell

    Hi, Anon. Thanks for your contribution to our little blog community. You clearly don’t get the groove of the schtick that makes this blog entertaining, and it’s way un-fun for you to harsh our mellow by being so uptight. So chill, brah.

    Man, what the H-E-Double Chopsticks is up with all these Negative Neds and Nancys all of a sudden? It’s like the folks from the DMN’s comment boards decided to invade FrontBurner to further the assault on our good buddy Tim.

    Well, I say quit it. You’re making me sad.

  • The Other Marty Cortland

    @ Anon

    Lighten up, Francis.

  • Other than the mean spiritedness and mildly sinister undertones, Id say the vibe for Tim so far this year is ok. Thanks Robert Downey jr.

  • Seryn’s new album:
    Can’t wait. Did a tour of Ramble Creek Studio last weekend. Really turning out some fine production.

  • Daniel

    Anon is entitled to his/her opinion(s). However, I daresay he/she is no film critic. Let’s check in with one who is, shall we?

    “Crain’s performance is a study in restraint! The subtlety just kicks all kinds of ass all over the screen! His internal struggles are not the basis of his comedic delivery, but rather, his shirt and pants are! A fearless exploration, nay, excavation, of what it is to be a bearded, middle-aged journalist, and by extension, what it is to be human! Hang on to your seats — this is one hell of a ride! I really do use this many exclamation points, I swear! Oh, and Tim Rogers’ cameo as a character known only as the Insincere Water Cooler Active Lifestyle Dude?! Meh.”

    — Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

  • The truth is Tim couldn’t come up with a mealy-mouthed “Rogers Situation” faux rationalization for deleting my Propecia comments, so it all had to come down.

    Tim’s sensitive that way.

  • I love you Daniel. Really. I will miss you when my eye sight returns to my eye that suffered a detached retina. Im more of a drive by blog reader then.

  • I just wished my car looked as clean as this, I’ll even take half as clean as this.