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Housewives of Dallas May Be Real or Unreal

By Jeanne Prejean |

Heidi Dillon IMG_0932Since QC Cong posted Facebook photos of a party at the Fashionistas’ Heidi Dillon’s (pictured) house, keyboards have been pounded to death. Seems the rumor mill is buzzing that it was a gathering of LA producers and likely house fraus for a “Real Housewives of Dallas” television show. One person SOS-ed:

“Is it true there is a Real Housewives of Dallas????? . . .There is some lady (Editor’s note: in the Facebook photos) with GIANT hair (even for Texas) Patty Comu or something.”

Asked about the rumors, Heidi lobbed:

“Nothing is for real until the day comes that you turn on the tv and watch the show. My producers and I are working on developing several shows for various networks.”

When pressed, Heidi coyly continued:

“You’ll just have to watch what happens.”

That Heidi knows how to play the situation like Jerry Jones knows how to cut a deal.