• At least we’re still number one in the ‘most likely to host magazine and vodka related parties’ category!

    • @DMBurrows: Still waiting for the 2010 numbers to come back, but, yes, expect our run of dominance there to continue. Double guns, LA, NYC, Des Moines!!

  • yvonne

    @DMBurrows… i am laughing so hard… a friend of mine on Facebook came to town and I took her to a couple of things and she said “do the Magazines all get VODKA straight from RUSSIA for free”? i had to laugh.. Dallas does do Vodka.. and we have some amazing magazines that help all the Charities get our messages out… and it’s a good thing… as I am typing there is a Vodka to Go ad to my right… fitting …KRU

  • I’m doing my part! Together we can win!

    Do you want to know more?

  • Bill

    So, wait. According to their metrics and assuming they are talking about citizens of Dallas, they are saying that 500,000 Dallas residents belong to a gym/health club? I think you could take a zero off that number and it would still be too high.

    Also, I imagine the metric they are using for healthcare/personal appearance is tied to purchases at drug stores. When I buy booze at Walgreens it shows up as healthcare/personal hygiene on my AMEX statement. I laugh. So should you.

  • Tom

    That’s only because Hartford thinks that song is about them.

  • Daniel

    It’s not vanity: I really am prettier than Hartford.

    And Bill, I picture you laughing and like your whole visage briefly turns into a death’s head and then switches back again as you sit slumped in the blue glow of a motel television, directing inconceivable scorn to your AMEX bill in the grips of some private and horrible catharsis.

    And that makes me envy you a little, but still I bet I have a better manicure.

  • cp

    EVERYONE in Dallas is prettier than Hartford! There are NO pretty people AT ALL in Connecticut.

  • Daniel


    It’s all the inbreeding.