The Daily Moustache: Series Finale

The Last Moustache
It's the final moustache.

I have to admit to you, readers: I’m legitimately depressed that The Daily Moustache has come to an end. Much like Christmas, it has afforded me great joy. And also much like Christmas, its passing has left a void. Life, once full of color and magic–and facial hair–is now a dull, gray blur.

But, let us not wallow in despair. Nay! Let us instead celebrate:

The Moustache That Was

One Moustache in Time

A Month to Remember: One Man’s Journey Through Movember

Ryan Jones Day 1Ryan Jones Day 2Ryan Jones Day 3Daily-Moustache-Nov-10Ryan Jones 11-11Ryan-Jones-11-12Ryan Jones 11-17Ryan Jones 11-18Ryan Jones 11-19Ryan Jones 11-24Ryan Jones 12-1


  • Enrique De La Fuente
  • DLP

    Will he keep it?

  • tinkerbell

    now can you shave it off, please?

  • JR

    My very favorite thing on all of FrontBurner this year…

  • I think his significant other gets to decide if he shaves it off.

    Let us know the verdict!

  • Hein

    His ability to grow a moustache is only rivaled by his ability to select a wide variety of monochromatic shirts.

  • Senor

    He should go with that look and start hanging around “The Good Guys” set. He’ll get cast for something.

  • publicnewssense

    As an equal-opportunity admirer, let’s see what happens if one of your staffers lets the hair on her legs grow for a month…

  • I’d shave it off pronto…

  • Chris Chris

    When is he going to rescue the princess and hop on a mushroom?