Robert Stacy McCain vs. Barrett Brown

We are learning a lot about our new friend Barrett Brown. A few days ago, I posted an item about an article Barrett had written for us and about how it occasioned a letter to us from conservative pundit Mark Davis. (Really, it was no big deal. But it’s fun to pretend.) Now comes this. Barrett has found himself the target of Robert Stacy McCain, one of the ghostwriters of Sarah Palin’s Going Rogue. From what I’ve read about McCain, he’s an unsavory fellow. Barrett sounds only too happy to have drawn criticism from the guy.

Anyway, if you’re up for a fairly entertaining online catfight, here’s Barrett’s dissection of McCain.


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  • Tom

    So, is Barrett Brown the new Joel Kotkin? Just wondering.

  • TLS

    You’re right. That was fairly entertaining.

  • Doug

    Because i know you don’t read anything but liberal blogs and will never see this, here you go. For someone happy to have drawn criticism from such an “unsavory” fellow, Barrett sure doesn’t act happy (please don’t sue me Barret, just making an observation). Btw, wish i could say i’m surprised that you joined in on the online smear campaign the left has been engaging in for years against RS McCain, but unfortunately i’m not, i hope you don’t get the same unfair treatment he’s gotten these past few years.

  • Trigmund Freud

    Robert Stacey McCain, while a man of truly mendacious character with the requisite literary iniquities to show for it, is not responsible for the hagiography that is Going Rogue.

    No, Snow Snookie’s co-conspirator in the aforementioned abomination is one Lynn Vincent. Sadly it is Ms. Vincent’s CV that is littered by the comparably flawed fiction she who coauthored with R.S. McCain, Donkey Cons: Sex, Crime, and Corruption in the Democratic Party.

    Suffice to say, the only circumstances under which I would recommend this odious opus is if someone ingested poison, or was bitten by a rabid, Bush-loving moral relativist therby requiring an instant and thorough ipecac.

  • -What Doug said.

    -It would be nice if you had taken the time and researched just who Stacy McCain is and what he believes.

    -It would be nice if you published, in full, the e-mail he sent to you an 1116 today.

    -And it would be nice if you looked into the character of this Brown fellow who you call a ‘friend’ – methinks you won’t like what you see.

  • I’ve know Robert Stacy McCain for better than a decade, and he is nothing like you describe or imply. Then I noticed that you a kool-aid drinking Democrat and that explains your dishonest, character-assassinating screed. Reality and Democrats is sort of like oil and water. They just don’t mix.

  • Well?

  • I”m sorry, but I can’t take anything from Max Blumenthal seriously. The guy is a hyperventilating tool.

  • Wow. Just watched Barrett’s old vlogs and read some of his old stuff.

    It’s pretty bad when someone like me points the finger and says “psychotic and disturbed,” but that’s about where I am right now.

    Someone tell me my instinct is wrong here.

  • Barrett Brown

    Your instinct is wrong. I know that a couple of those old videos make me look somewhat immature and douchy, but until a couple of days ago I’d never had someone try to make the case from them that I actually have some sort of severe mental problem. Tim Rogers and several of your associates at D have known me since I was 16 and an intern at The Met and, having actually met me, don’t think I’m psychotic or disturbed; otherwise Tim probably wouldn’t be giving me assignments for D. At any rate, I really don’t appreciate someone in your position making that sort of assessment about one of your magazine’s own writers based on a few minutes of research. Also, I’d suggest you give Max Blumenthal another shot; his work doesn’t become inaccurate merely because you’ve decided he’s a “tool.”

  • Easy there, BB. My entire career is built around getting second chances from editors, so I’d be a hypocrite not to give you a second read. We’ve all done stupid things, me more than most. So don’t sweat it if I’m right and mea culpa if I was too hasty.

    As to Blumenthal, sorry — I have done my homework there. He’s poisonous little talentless race-pimping dwarf, and I don’t mean that in the good way.

  • Barrett Brown

    I didn’t mean to imply that Blumenthal was talented, just that his work does often reveal interesting things.

  • Trigmund Freud

    He’s poisonous little talentless race-pimping dwarf, and I don’t mean that in the good way.

    Trey Garrison—the poor man’s (slightly less doughy) Andrew Breitbart.