Rebecca Aguilar and FOX4 Square Off in Court, Ctd

The civil lawsuit trial is over for Rebecca Aguilar and her former employer FOX4. In Uncle Barky’s exclusive report, Rebecca’s claim of unlawful termination lawsuit hit the jury yesterday.

According to Uncle Barky,the jury found within an hour that

“NW Communications of Texas, Inc., parent company of Fox4, had not parted ways with her on the basis of racial discrimination or in retaliation for her periodic efforts on behalf of hiring minority news managers.”

The six-day trial had Rebecca, Clarice Tinsley, Shaun Rabb and FOX4 management on the stand.


  • Chris Chris

    Umm. You are missing a “NOT”. They had NOT parted ways on the basis of racial discrimination blah blah blah.

    “I’m Chris Chris, Fox 4………..News.”

  • “I knew it was also an uphill battle with a jury made up of 11 white people.”
    – Rebecca Aguilar

  • @Chris Chris: Thanks. Shouldn’t have stuck to an all caffeine diet today. Correction has been made.

  • George Marvin

    It’s never about the money, right!