Man Assaults His Wife’s Lover

Perhaps you remember the now defunct local band Supercell. One of its members, Jason Wheelington, has something on his Facebook page that you might want to see. Wheelington says he has stage four cancer and that three times he has caught his wife cheating on him with an SMU law student. The video, purportedly, is of Wheelington confronting the couple in a parking garage at SMU. I say “purportedly” not because I don’t believe it; I just haven’t verified any of this with the other parties involved.

Assuming it’s all true, you gotta feel for Wheelington. Obviously. But posting a video of yourself assaulting someone? Um …


  • Zach B

    You’ve caught her cheating THREE TIMES?!?! He should be the one getting his ass kicked for not leaving after the 1st time.

  • MP

    If I ever get jumped from behind in a parking garage, please let it be from a dude who punches like a chick and then falls down.

  • D

    Zach B: You took the words right out of my mouth.

  • Ricktorn

    If my husband were the kind of guy who thought posting a video of him in some macho-wannabe altercation on Facebook was a cool idea, I would probably cheat on him, too.

  • Bethany Anderson

    This was done all wrong. Seriously. Why didn’t he consult Joey Greco first?

  • Bill

    If the video is real then why not save it for a custody hearing or divorce court. Other issue is that the SMU Police are really pro-active on prosecuting assaults on campus. They see a video like this and will go Strong Mayorâ„¢ on you. They simply do not tolerate that kind of thing.

  • Jones

    I suppose somewhere on the books adultery is still an offense. He could claim he was stopping a crime in progress. Or at the very least temporary insanity. I would think the circumstances warrant it.

  • cbs

    @Bill because the reality is this guy will be dead far before any of that can occur.
    I feel for this guy and understand the act…just can’t supoort it though.

    Just a bad situation all around.

  • Laura Zisker

    Bill, let’s be clear: SMU Police are pro-active on prosecuting all assaults that are not sexual assaults. Because really to SMU, most of them were asking for it.

  • jane

    Poor guy. May he gave her chances because he has a conscience, which she obviously does not.

  • marshall staxx

    There is ALWAYS 2 sides to every story.

  • ts

    i personally know jason and am proud of him for not taking it anymore!!

  • Forrest

    Jason is a wonderful human being.

    He’s a good musician, a devoted father to his children, and a very good friend to those who know him.

    He’s got stage 4 cancer, and is making frequent trips to MD Anderson in Houston for treatments.

    Those of us who know him, love him.

    And to see his wife cheating on him breaks my heart, as I’m sure it broke his heart.

    For any of you to post negative comments about him is to not know the man that he is.

    I’m extremely proud to have met him and call him my friend.

  • Chad

    What this video doesnt reveal is that both parties have been seperated for a while and the wife actually filed for divorce Jan. 10) before he was diganosed with cancer but she stayed with after she found out but they could not make it work. Always two sides to every story…..and yes I know both of them personally.

  • Bob

    Hmmmm maybe if you knew Jackie, you would know the right thing was done! She has always been like this! Yes she filed for divorce but just to get everything of his when he dies! Chad must be a friend of the Milander clan!

  • John

    Two sides to all stories. And he doesn’t have anything.

  • Bill

    Rut row, like I said yesterday:

    101499 9:26 AM. Assault: Law Parking Garage/3330 Daniel Avenue. A student reported her estranged husband assaulted her friend who is an SMU student. Open.

  • Juan

    Bob is correct. If you knew Jackie, she is a typical female. Take take take. She has always been like this and got what she deserved.

  • Bethany Anderson

    Excuse me? Typical female?

  • Typical Female

    I’m betting Juan spends a lot of time alone, at home, playing Tour of Duty.

    Excuse me, I have some take, take, taking to do!

  • JR

    Sorry to anyone that may disagree but here are my points. First if you have to jump somebody from behind with a flashlight( watch the last 3 secs of the video and you will see the light.) you are proving to everyone that you are lower than either of the other two. To answer any questions that are out there this is 100% real and the video cuts off there because after that he got his ass kicked. I am not saying what the other two did is right at all but look at the legal side of it. They were messing around where he video taped himself committing a premeditated assault with a weapon. You tell me who is wrong here?? It sucks his wife was cheating. It sucks that he has cancer. But all he is doing is throwing a big ass pity party for himself and trying to make everyone feel sorry for him. I do not and will not feel sorry for him at all. He needs to be a man and act like it.