Waiting … and Waiting … for Animal Services Report

Almost a year’s gone by since it was announced that the Humane Society of the United States would conduct and submit to the city a thorough review of Dallas’ problem-riddled animal shelter and animal services department. And, there’s no report yet. Joey Zapata, the city’s code compliance director, said he expected the HSUS review to be submitted today, after earlier-forecast dates (Sept. 1, then mid-September, then early October, according to insiders) came and went. But, don’t hold your breath, Mr. Zapata. The HSUS says it won’t be turning in the report today, either.

So, what’s the big holdup?

Carolyn Machowski, shelter services manager for the HSUS, says that when the original delivery date was estimated, “neither myself nor the consultants anticipated the size and scope of this evaluation…

“Because of recent events and changes in the leadership at DAS,” she says, “it has become even more important that the report be a comprehensive product that provides both specific remedies for on-going problems and suggestions for future improvement.”

It’s taking so long, Zapata says, because the HSUS folks are trying to be as thorough as possible. Once he gets their findings, Zapata anticipates taking another 30 days to review and digest it all before placing the report on the city council agenda for public discussion.

Meantime, an Oct. 25 briefing on the city’s animal control operations for the council’s Quality of Life Committee was abruptly canceled. And Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert–who’s suggested animal services might be best served by a public/quasi-private management arrangement–says he’s frustrated that things are taking so long.

“Oh yeah,” Leppert says. “It’s frustrating on a lot of different levels. We just want to get it to a point” where problems in the animal services department can be resolved.


  • skippy

    Other cities are paying HSUS to tell them how to kill dogs. So what is Dallas really paying them for? Dont look at the national kill numbers HSUS spills out either. A investigative reporter from Oklahoma said the Nat. numbers are less then 3 million and 75% of those are feral cats. Remember every time you shoot the green poison into a animal that the poison doesn’t break down it ends up in the land fill going into our water.

  • Skippy II

    That’s rich. Leppert criticizing when he stood by and did nothing while his pal Suhm and her special friend Forest Turner put the totally unprofessional Lorieta Stewart in charge of the implosion. Turner put his pal Tyrone McGill in charge as second in command at DAS under train wreck Kent Robertson. McGill never even owned an animal and is now under indictment for animal cruelty. Great job Ms. Suhm, et al.

    The HSUS has a point when it says they did not appreciate the “size and scope” of the evaluation. Who could have? What a complete disaster DAS had been allowed to become – under the watch of the unqualified “authorities” listed above – all of them paid by the Dallas taxpayers. Nonetheless, the delay of HSUS to this point IS ridiculous. God save the animals.

  • Skippy III

    Would be nice if someone would investigate whom they are asking for advice from… HSUS is NOT the know all of animal husbandry. In fact they know nothing. Any group that will push a law through requiring dogs to be in temps between 45 and 85 are ignorant at BEST. Dogs body temps are 100 to 102.5 . Puppies can not regulate their tempatures for several weeks. Small breed puppies need temps upwards of 90 degrees not to get chilled. Heavily coated dogs would DIE in 85 degree temps…. WAKE UP people before you cause more animals to suffer needlessly. HSUS KNOWS nothing about animals.

  • Mark J

    When one realize that HSUS is an animal rights organization intent on removing all animal and their use from human hands, one can see why the hold out. Dallas has already spent quite a bit of money having HSUS look at animal control at tax payers expense who now use hand held computers to tell where the dogs are! I think it is time for the organizations that house dogs to allow whistleblowing instead of signing a waiver and they should be held to the same laws as any other “owners”. I think if the truth is told that looking at what they are waiting for would blow their mind as most have been trained by HSUS in the first place. More dogs are killed than ever thought I am sure. Sure HSUS does not want to blow the whistle on itself. What is in a report is not what they speak. Too much is on the internet of people’s experiences at shelters and AC and leaving jobs and volunteering when they find out the truth.

  • Kay

    How interesting that the $25,000 donated from Metroplex Animal Coalition seems to be the GRANT they got from HSUS.

    I think if the Mayor believes that some “outside” organization should take over the running of OUR SHELTER he needs to be set straight….it belongs to US, the City of Dallas and its TAXPAYERS and we would NOT like to see a contract given to anyone else.

    Do I believe he will listen to people who paid for it and told the City that the “suggested” ordinances that were railroaded thru the Council by A R Extremists instead of listening to a majority group who said they would not help, that ordinances that had been instituted in the early ’90’s should be enforced and were already in place and being ignored would solve the problems they SAID they had. Council and Mayor did not listen to knowledgeable people and nothing has changed at the shelter……animals are dying, limits are now helping to kill more animals.

    For SHAME, Mayor and Council Members, you should repeal what you instituted and INSIST on OUR EMPLOYEES ENFORCING the LEASH LAW!

  • Skippy II

    Kay – please advise where you got the following information. It is incorrect. HSUS has never given MAC any funding. You should ensure the information you put in writing is correct. Defamation and slander laws exist for a reason.

    “How interesting that the $25,000 donated from Metroplex Animal Coalition seems to be the GRANT they got from HSUS.”

  • Kay

    Skippy II – You said:

    “HSUS has never given MAC any funding. You should ensure the information you put in writing is correct. Defamation and slander laws exist for a reason.”

    The TRUTH is that I am looking at a 990 from HSUS that shows they have sent funds to MAC although not in that amount so your statement is inaccurate.

    I now see, as well, that HSUS is shown as a MAC Member Group on MAC’s website.

  • Skippy II

    (Linda) Kay – you are wrong:

    “The TRUTH is that I am looking at a 990 from HSUS that shows they have sent funds to MAC although not in that amount so your statement is inaccurate.”

    As a member group, HSUS may have paid annual dues of a very small amount (less than $100). They have NEVER given MAC a donation or a grant. If you persist in your inaccurate portrayal – produce the 990.

  • KAY

    Skipppy II

    The TRUTH is you are wrong on the amount. I have to suggest you can’t face the TRUTH.

    Go look it up its out there, I was LOOKING AT IT yesterday in at least one 990.

  • Skippy II

    Kay – this is very similar to the misinformation that is put out on the Feline Provocateur blog site by those who are not in a position to know facts, can only guess (and claim to be looking at evidence), and therefore lose credibility by stating inaccurate information over and over. YOU ARE WRONG. There are animals to be helped and I shall turn my attention back to assisting my colleagues with that instead of continuing to argue a point on which there is no equivocation.

  • Kay

    Skippy II

    You people (should that be in quotation marks?) only want to blame others for things they did not cause and “you” never change.

    *You can’t use facts,
    *You do nothing but bad mouth people and
    *The word TRUTH is not a “friendly” word for “you”…..

    I have the proof, I have no reason to give it to YOU when I bothered to check FACTS. FACTS, TRUTH are things that just don’t exist in your little world of “me, me, me” and “how good I am” and you even “kill” off others who try to help the animals. Your ideas of make more laws “for OTHERS” but “not us” proves that.

    Its NOT about helping the animals, its about CONTROL.

    I have it and I don’t lie. Now, why do you just WANT to believe it didn’t happen?

    I have no connection with any blog but I’ll have to go look for that, you could be “story telling” about that too.

  • Skippy III

    Kay/Skippy II

    A petty argument over 25K… oh please HSUS has MILLIONS and we argue over 25K. Get real folks. Was there a donation of 25K to Dallas I highly doubt it but I have not looked at all the 990 forms either. Less than one percent (1%) of their total revenues go to HELP animals in need and that comes from the 2008 form they are slightly better in 2009 with just over one percent. According to their 990 form from 2009 over 60% of their monies is used for Salaries/Pensions and Fund raising. And 60% of that is SALARIES and PENSIONS. The other 40% is doled out in grants to the multitude of other organization that are ALSO HSUS in sheeps clothing… Where they use that money to LOBBY for laws OUTLAWING animal ownership, making it difficult or impossible to farm, and insisting on standards that are so outlandish and even DANGEROUS to animals that breeders, ranchers and owners must get rid of their animals or torture them with arbitrary irrational standards. And yup I have the 990 forms and will happily share them so please ask me for them….

  • Skippy II – care to provide an example of the misinformation I’m allegedly publishing?

    And who *are* your colleagues, anyway? You’re insinuating you hold a position of power. I think you’re bluffing, which is ridiculous as you’re doing it anonymously.

    Also, you might want to cool it with the threats to Kay. Defamation and slander laws exist for a reason, but nothing published here is actionable.

    Lastly, if Kay will send me PDFs of these 990s, I’ll publish them on my blog.

  • Kay – Since you are looking at 990’s, please tell me if it shows HSUS giving THLN any money. If so, how much and when? Also, has THLN given MAC any money and/or any org in Dallas. If so, how much and when?
    Thanks much.

  • De plane! De plane!

    Actually, the HSUS report has finally surfaced at http://www.dallasnews.com. Check out the City Hall blog.