Jason Garrett’s #1 Fan — Brill

Brill Garrett IMG_0162This just might be the happiest and proudest woman in Dallas — Brill Garrett. Her Princeton-grad husband Jason Garrett had a very good day on Sunday in New Yawk.

Just like Jason, Brill graduated from Princeton, but she also picked up a law degree from Harvard. The Garretts not only have brains and talent, they’re not hard on the eyes either.


  • Jason Garrett might have had a good day, but the NYT‘s William C. Rhoden says Tony Dungy needs to be the Cowboys’ next coach.

  • Clark Kent

    …they are not hard on the eyes either!

    Why does everyone in Big D / D Mag world always focus on someone’s looks? Yes she is attractive, but you would have never made the post if she wasn’t. Why not just say Congrats to Garretts! Change your name to D Magazine for the Superficial, better yet D Bag instead of D Mag.

  • chris chris

    holy crap. I am going to go register dbag.com right now. (moment) Ah man. It’s already taken.

  • @Clark Kent
    …so says the man who hides his good looks and manly physique with chunky eyeglasses and non-descript suits.

    (We don’t all look good in capes. Quit showing off!)

  • CollinBabs

    Ok, so Ken and Barbie have made an appearance in the sports world. This is news? Good looking people with Ivy league educations — this is news? Crest White strips or Zoom. HP or UP.

    @Clark Kent — this is Dallas. Always been superficial and focused on appearances. You just now figuring that out? It’s the city’s persona, the fabric of the metro social strata.

  • Capital post I enjoyed it. Someone else once said: When you want to fool the world, tell the truth.

  • darlene gipson

    I am very proud for Jason & Brill. We use to be in contact because my daughter Lauren Gipson graduated from Princeton in 2001 and she too is now an attorney. I lost contact with Brill & have been trying to connect again! Please e mail me (Brill) if you get this message. Brill & Jason are the sweetest people in the world to me and my daughter & they were always so very helpful with Lauren’s education @ Princeton & during the death of her father. Jason’s talent is speaking for itself & I’m so proud of him and Brill I wish you the best & I’m proud of you for your accomplishments. So you went to Harvard and became a lawyer since we last spoke….Congratulations! Lauren graduated from LSU Law School (2005), married an attorney and practices in Atlanta,GA. Her husband is a politician & the county commissioner for Gainesville, Ga. Hope to connect with you again. She has a 3yr old son who his dad dreams of him being an LSU Tiger (ha!). E-mail me. Luv ya’ll & Congratulations!