The Daily Moustache: Nov. 4

Just a hint of a stubble. Progress!Mere days into our Movember experiment, our guinea pig colleague Ryan Jones is sporting a wee bit of stubble. Early projections suggest that though he’s a couple of days behind, having only shaved Tuesday night, he’ll soon outpace other Movemberites in follicular output. “That subtle shadow will soon blossom into a wonderful ‘stache!” predicts Raya Ramsey of ShopTalk. Jones did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Let’s have a closer look, shall we?

Progress!Indeed, I do see approximately 0.8 milimeters of new hair, and the growth pattern appears regular and consistent.

We’ll see you tomorrow.


  • Mo Bro

    Why is he letting the beard grow out, too? It is “Momember” and not Mo-beard-member. Bring awarenes to the Austrailian (where the movement began) slang word for moustache: Mo! With it, one can claim they are part conversation piece, and part activist.

  • Sadly, my Movember will end Sunday evening after I come back from our ‘guy’s weekend’. My wife refuses to kiss me until I shave it off…

    In her defense: My moustache is neither regular or consistent. It also grows slower than normal. I shave once every other day. About ten years ago, I tried to grow it out. I went two months before anyone noticed. My best friend said, “You need to shave that peach-fuzz off. It looks like you rubbed pepper on your lip.”