The Daily Moustache: Nov. 10

My, what a difference a few days make. Ryan Jones’ lip hair is coming along quite nicely. A few days ago, we had this. And now look at him!

Daily Moustache: Nov-10

Don’t worry about the frown. He’s not really sad, mad, or otherwise anything short of ecstatic to be a part of this great experiment. He was merely contorting his facial muscles to show off his Movember moustache to its best advantage.


  • Samantha: These images need to be bigger. When I click on that lip, I really want to be able to see each follicle. Plus, Ryan’s cute. I wanna make him my desktop pattern, and I don’t want to have to tile the image.

  • One more thing. When this is all said and done, I assume I’ll be able to get a gif that shows the stache growing, right?

  • Hein

    If it’s not tiled, how is it a desktop pattern?

  • I’m not yet ready to get rid of my ‘Eric Celeste shooting pool’ desktop background. Ain’t nothing better.

  • Tim: I begged Stephen to let me go 635 pixels wide, but he’d have nothing of it (you can imagine my disappointment). That said, I have indeed saved the originals, which we intend to fashion into the best moustache retrospective the world has ever seen and ever will see.