Outdoor Escalators = Bad Idea

A joint Park Cities PeopleD Magazine investigation, conducted over the course of several years of commuting, has revealed that the escalators at Mockingbird Station are broken all the freaking time. After a long day of producing the world’s greatest community newspaper, nothing is more defeating than having to choose between the elevator (smelly) and the stairs/broken escalator (sweat inducing).

Given that all of the other escalators I encounter regularly are indoors and in good working order, I assume that the problem with the ones at Mockingbird Station is that they are outdoors. Perhaps Dallas’ atmospheric conditions, combined with copious amounts of bird poop, are not conducive to escalator operations?


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  • Keith

    I am sure they thought it was cool to have such tall escalators, but at least if they would have used several small ones, worse case you would only have to climb one set of broken escalator instead of climbing the entire thing.

  • RAB

    The outdoor escalators at the Crescent are NEVER working. Wonder how much they’ve spent fixing them.

  • Ron

    How about DART pony up some money for maintenance.

    They never budget enough for it and the passengers suffer for their budget ineptitude.

  • This is your punishment for patronizing public transportation.

  • downtowner

    Not really feeling a lot of sympathy for able-bodied people having to walk up some stairs.

  • cp

    Haven’t you people ever been to DC? The escalators at Dupont Circle are longer than the Cityplace ones and they are broken half the time. In fact most of the escalators are broke down at least half the time. Quit whining.

  • Steve

    Waa Waa. Get back in your SUV.

  • downtowner

    @cp… FACT: We are fatties in Texas. http://blogs.dallasobserver.com/unfairpark/2010/05/dallas_is_fat_city_and_its_onl.php I personally look forward to the day when, a la Wall-E, we can cruise around in floating lounge chairs, and I will no longer have to use these pesky little legs of mine.

  • Hein

    Man, how did we get around before escalators and moving walkways? I shudder at the thought.

  • Christopher

    Do escalators ever really break, or do they just become less efficient?

  • Towski

    Hey now. I used to live at MBS, and took the Dart to work downtown every day for 2 years. I’m mid (ok, mid-to-late) thirties, and I’m in pretty good shape – good enough to play in two different weekly soccer leagues, run 2 or 3 times a week, and do the white rock marathon relay, at least, and I can tell you – those escalators are pretty damn tall. It’s a long walk up those things when they are broken. Plus, escalator stair heights are substantially taller than regular stair heights.

  • I’ve never seen bird poop on those escalators, so i doubt that’s the issue.
    I can vouch for the fact that they are constantly out of service, including today.

  • JK

    The Preston Center office building where Sevy’s is located (Preston/Sherry Lane) had some outdoor escalators that they decided to completely remove. I think they were mostly covered, but obviously created enough problems that they took them out.

  • Daniel

    Suffering of this magnitude makes me wonder if God is some kind of demented sadist. Does he, like, get off on defeating Park Cities People? Couldn’t the cruel tyrant, oh, say, disburse the misery around a little, for a change?

    They never tell you it’s going to be so hard.

  • PeterK

    you should see the escalators on DC’s Metro lines. they are always out of order

  • downtowner

    @daniel FTW.

  • dallasboiler

    I have one simple suggestion for DART. When the up escalator breaks down, why don’t you just reverse the down escalator temporarily while the up escalator is being repaired?

    It seems to me that walking up a broken escalator is more of a problem for most people than going down one, so as long as there was always an up escalator functioning there should be fewer complaints.

    Personally, I just use the stairs at the end of the platform no matter if the escalators are working or not (since I sit in a chair for about 10-12 hours per day and need the added bit of exercise anyway).

  • jason

    There are plenty of outdoor escalators in the open-air malls in the Los Angeles area. They always seem to be working. So I don’t think you can simply pin it on the fact that they are outdoors.