Local Journalist Plays Right Into the Hands of Clever 7-Eleven Marketers

By now you’ve surely heard about the whole Obama Slurpee thing, right? Well, those crafty folks over at 7-Eleven are taking advantage of the free publicity and turning it into even more publicity. Today at 2, five Slurpee Trucks will pull out of One Arts Plaza for a cross-country drive to D.C. Along the way, they’ll be dispensing free Slurpees to the people, including a special Purple For The People flavor that will only be available during this stunt — which, I’m sure, media outlets across the country will promote as the Slurpee Trucks roll through various towns. Kudos to you, 7-Eleven. You win. (Full release after the jump.)

7-Eleven® Slurpee® Trucks Take To The Road to Capitol Hill And Bring Slurpee Summit to the People

Following President Obama’s Slurpee Shout-Out, Free Cups of the Iconic Drink

Will be Distributed Along the Way from Dallas to D.C.

DALLAS (Nov. 4, 2010) — Early yesterday, President Barack Obama jokingly told a Bloomberg reporter he might serve America’s favorite drink, the Slurpee®, during an upcoming meeting with the incoming House Speaker, Ohio Rep. John Boehner and referred to it as “a very delicious drink.”

“We are not surprised by President Obama’s comments about Slurpee, which is non-partisan and has been bringing people together for more than 40 years,” said Joe DePinto,

7-Eleven, Inc.’s president and CEO. “We have made an offer to the White House to install Slurpee machines and to host a Slurpee Summit.”

In addition to offering to host a Slurpee Summit, the Slurpee trucks will leave Dallas Friday for Washington, D.C., and share the “delicious drink” with the American people along the way.

To further commemorate President Obama’s momentous mention, 7-Eleven also is offering to install Slurpee machines at the White House and in Rep. Boehner’s office on Capitol Hill.

7-Eleven is bringing Slurpee to the people by embarking on this tour making stops at capital cities along the way. Though mixing and matching flavors is a standard practice of our loyal Slurpee fans, people on the Slurpee truck route can also join in on the mixing gig. They can show their patriotic colors by trying or mixing a red, white or blue Slurpee drinks or show their unity by choosing our new flavor, “Purple for the People.” Slurpee fans know that when you bring different flavors together the result is always better.


  • bizrant

    seems to me more of a whorey publicity stunt by 7-11 than anything.

    come on the Prez uses your “slurpee” term in passing, which has transcended just the specific frozen drink you buy at 7-11, and now you have to make a big statement? and likely waste people in Washington’s attention and time?

    can a public person not say anything referring to pop-culture or consumer goods without some hyper-shill movement happening?

    i’d love to see the marketing drone who thought of this bright idea. i think some national, in-store promo/mktg would have been fine.

  • Don in Austin

    If the R’s are paranoid about purple puppets how can they be expected to drink purple slurpees…at least in public. Don’t ask don’t tell!

  • allison

    @bizrant – If you owned a business and the President happened to mention YOUR product by name, whether as a reference to it specifically or as a generalized version, you wouldn’t milk it, too? Seriously? I’d have his face on a poster in 2.5 seconds.

  • CraigT

    1. whorey publicity stunt is redundant.
    2. what is wrong with jumping on marketing gold when it is handed to you?

  • D


    I wish you well as you retreat from society and join an Amish sect. Actually, I see them selling fireplaces, whorey bastards, so maybe an aborigine tribe.