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Frito-Lay Offers Ear Plugs to Canadians to Keep Them Buying Noisy Sun Chips Bags

By Jason Heid |

You may have heard that last year Plano-based Frito-Lay came out with a 100% compost-able bag for its Sun Chips. But the new materials made the bag really noisy, and people took to YouTube to complain. Product sales fell.  Finally Frito-Lay pulled the bags from shelves.

But they only did that in the U.S. In Canada, they’re staying the course. The company has taken to YouTube itself to spread its message that more noise is worth leaving behind less waste. They’re even offering ear plugs to any Canadian who tries the bag and can’t stand it.

And it’s apparently working.  Does it mean that we Americans care less about the environment, that we’re not willing to listen to a sound as loud as a lawnmower while we’re snacking?  Or is it a case of Canadians living up to their stereotype, that they are too polite?