Ellis County’s Ernest Tubb Speaks from the Grave

Best wishes of course to Joan Baez, who’s said to be resting comfortably after falling out of a treehouse she built so she could sleep with the birds. On hearing the news, though, I couldn’t help thinking of an interview I did years ago with country-music legend Ernest Tubb, who was born in Ellis County (and died in 1984). Asked to comment about Baez–the 1960s songbird and “peace activist”–Tubb got hot under the collar and said: “That is the most stupidest woman I ever heard of.” Looks like the ol’ Texas Troubador may have been on to something.


  • Tom

    And this post is part of the daily conversation about Dallas because?

  • Bethany Anderson

    That story may prove she’s clumsy, or that she’s unafraid of bird poop, but I don’t see how it makes her stupid.

  • Laray

    Interesting interpretation of Tubb’s statement. The Baez family has quite the reputation in the sciences. Her father was Albert Vinicio Baez, a physicist, and her cousin, John Carlos Baez, is a mathematical physicist at the Centre for Quantum Technologies. Joan is multilingual, speaking three languages. There is ample evidence that some of Dylan’s best lyrics were, in actuality, Joan’s best lyrics. Perhaps the dispute over intelligence here is about a disagreement over politics. Is falling out of a tree and getting hurt a fair measure of intelligence? It happens everyday, all over the world.

  • TweetHerWellWishes

    That just totally made me laugh! I love it! Thanks.

  • vm

    Ernest Tubb, model citizen.

    In 1957, he walked into the National Life building’s lobby in Nashville and fired a .357 magnum, intending to shoot music producer Jim Denny. Tubb shot at the wrong man but did not hit anyone. He was arrested and charged with public drunkenness.[6]

  • mm

    Any chance to slam a liberal for our ol’ Glenn. But rejoicing in another’s injury is a new bent.

  • Don in Austin

    Good headline in that linked article. 60’s songbird, indeed.

  • Steve

    Thanks for reminding us that the world’s worst blogger is still at the top of his game.

    PS: If you replaced “Joan Baez” with “Ted Nugent” and “Ernest Tubb” with “Willie Nelson”, this would still be a new low in bloggery.

  • Obama’s Seat

    Yah Glenn, quit slamming liberals who fall out of trees, have you no decency sir?

  • Glenn Hunter

    Thank you, sir. For awhile I was afraid I’d lost my title.

  • Obama’s Seat

    FB needs to post an item about Palin or Bush or Cheney, so our sensitive left can show the unwashed how to behave.

  • Steve

    I just closed my eyes, counted to ten, and thought of Dick Cheney shooting an old man in the face. I feel much better now.

  • Ron

    Sorry she had to find out the hard way, but a 69-year-old woman falling 20 feet from a tree house she tried to climb into is pretty much the definition of stupid any way you slice it. When they make those ninja walkers with the Kung Fu climbing grip, maybe. Had it been a man Bethany would have been all over how OLD he was – in the cutest way, of course.

    But what I want to know is this: how in the world did Joan Baez talk Cheney into letting her into the undisclosed secure location?

  • Daniel

    I would love to have interviewed Ernest Tubb. Would not have necessarily asked him for advice on, say, how to get to the corner store, however.