Campaign Against Speaker Joe Straus Goes Viral

An anti-Straus group called Women On The Wall — which seems to be an ad hoc coalition of such right-wing groups as Concerned Women of America, American Family Association, and the Eagle Forum — is trying to raise money to air this video on television over Thanksgiving. It’s a very well executed commercial. I wonder who produced it. I especially like the Christmas-like jingle and the snowflakes. Nice touches.


  • Julie

    “We believe in small government and individual freedom**!”

    **Unless you are a pregnant woman

  • TLS

    Very power-pointy.

  • Points for the high-end graphics and animation with epic John Williams soundtrack. Strikes for convoluted storyline, way too much text and pictures of people no one knows.

  • Enrique De La Fuente

    When it comes to how state government works, the Tea Party is out of its element.

    The State Constitution, something they should read, is what has made Texas a strong state, not elected officials. It’s our state constitution that:

    – Prohibits a state income tax
    – Requires that the legislature meet not more than once every two years (unless its a n emergency called by the Governor)
    – Caps spending on welfare (not more than 1 percent)
    – Requires a budget be balanced

    All that spending the state does is mainly on education (about 60 of general revenue is spent on education). The suburbs, who boast of their education systems and wish that their children go to UT and A&M, are going to see the effects of cutting spending on education.

  • JTS

    Shot across the bow to incumbent Rs: “if you vote for Straus, you will have an opponent in the next Republican primary.” The internal war continues to heat up.

    Interesting that an ultra-conservative group attacks using an ultra-liberal publication like the Texas Observer.

  • bill holston

    You know JTS, I noted the same thing.

    One of the things I like about the Tx. Observer, is that it tends to give a hard time to both parties. That and its splendid coverage of the Border.

  • Dubious Brother

    Is it really an “ultra-conservative” “right wing” movement for Republicans to be opposed to a “Repulican” who was elected speaker in the last session by 65 Democrats and only 11 Republicans?

    At least no one here is saying yet that it is because he is Jewish.

  • Enrique De La Fuente

    @Dubious Brother

    Joe Straus and his family were Republican when some of today’s Republicans were Democrats (Chisum, Perry, Gramm, etc.),

  • Carter Class of ’72

    @Enrique De La Fuente

    And that means he should get a pass? I don’t care how “Republican” he and his family have been in the past, if he isn’t doing the job then he needs to be replaced.

  • Dubious Brother

    @Enrique – I am not sure what your point is – Joe Straus votes and politics like a Democrat which is why the new Republicans do not want him as Speaker. The three examples that you gave at least migrated the expected direction from a young and liberal to mature and more conservative.

  • Enrique De La Fuente

    @Dubious Brother

    Straus votes like a Democrat? Again, this goes to show the lack of knowledge people have about state government.

    Speakers, Craddick or Straus, rarely vote. And if they do vote, it is only to break ties.

    Perry has migrated to being a more mature conservative? The guy behind the publicly funded venture capital fund (Emerging Technology Fund) and Texas movie incentive program, is conservative? Oh okay.

    Chisum? If you had been paying attention you would recall in 2007 Chisum and Craddick, fiscal conservatism be damned, where trying to buy off members with pork barrel projects.

  • Enrique De La Fuente


    What job isn’t Straus doing?

  • Dubious Brother

    @Enrique – Thanks for the civics lesson but Straus was voting in the House prior to becoming Speaker. As Speaker, he can control chairmanships and the bills that come up for a vote. If a bill on an issue is not allowed to come out of committee or before the house, not only does it not have a chance to pass or be defeated but the voters do not get to see how their representative will vote on that particular issue.
    As far as Perry and Chisum are concerned, if I hadn’t said mature and more conservative, you wouldn’t have had anything to respond to.
    As far as Chisum and Craddick are concerned, the most recent election reflects the voters feeling on “fiscal conservatism be damned.”
    The choice for Speaker should be done out in the open so everyone can see who their representative is backing. Straus tried to be sneaky about it again.

  • Enrique De La Fuente

    @Dubious Brother

    And the civics less continues. It was Chisum, not Straus, that called for a Caucus vote to elect a Speaker which would have been behind closed doors.

    And what about Straus’ voting record is “liberal”?

  • LM

    Before there was Women ON the Wall, there was Women OF the Wall
    Women of the Wall is a progressive movement in Israel trying to stop the discrimination of women by ultra-conservative Orthodox Jews. Ironic.

  • tested

    Whoever is behind this particular video sure did waste a lot of time. It’s poorly done. You put that on TV and pretty much everyone will say “huh?” It won’t do any good.

    There are legitimate differences between the candidates running for speaker, unfortunately most of the media is ignoring these issues for side-shows like this youtube video. Very sad.

  • Bottom line issue: the voters delivered a VERY CLEAR mandate on November 2nd. 99R – 51D. Does anyone really believe the Democrat’s pick for Speaker fulfills that mandate??

  • Charlotte

    Straus has been supportive of the Republican party his whole career in addition to working under Regan– how much more conservative can you get?

  • Craig

    I think you all tend to forget a little quickly, may I remind you that Straus forced democrats to cut spending last session. I consider myself conservative yet I do not seem to understand how many people that know very little about Texas politics feel that they need some sort of overhaul.