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Vote for the Top Reality Star in Dallas

By Laura Kostelny |

If you love–or love to hate–reality television as much as I do, you know that a number of folks who appear on these shows hail from Dallas. Heck, we were able to think of more than 30 off the top of our heads. We thought it would be fun to invite as many as we could down to the offices for a cage match to the death, but that didn’t work out for various reasons. Instead, we organized all 32 in a bracket, wrote up some bios, and called in television consultant/Bachelor/ette spoiler Reality Steve for some additional data. Now it’s up to you: go here to check out the bracket, read bios, and vote. You can cast a ballot once an hour, through Oct. 29, for all of your favorites.

The big winner will be announced in January’s issue of D. Long live Tanner P!