Things to Do in Dallas Tonight: Oct. 14

Readers, I ask you: what have you done to celebrate Idea Week? If the answer is “nothing,” you and I both know you should be deeply ashamed. Thank goodness you have a chance to redeem yourselves tonight with a lecture about the state of the arts in Dallas, led by KERA’s Jeff Whittington and public-art expert Anne Pasternak.

Alternatively, you could drop off your adolescent sons and daughters at the Dallas Contemporary for Teen Night and then support the culinary arts by attending this lovely-sounding wine dinner at Parigi. But if you want to know my top pick for this evening, you’ll jump to the next page.

Still with me? Excellent. If you were this blogger, you’d consider grabbing a quick bite at Vapiano (which, as you know because you’ve downloaded and used our iPhone application, is offering 20% off pizza and pasta for dine-in orders) and then heading to Mockingbird Station for a free outdoor screening of Alfred Hitchcock’s truly superb Rear Window.

He's totally checking her out.An aside: I never found Jimmy Stewart remotely attractive until I saw this movie. But something about this film–perhaps his hair, perhaps his vulnerable state, perhaps his chemistry with the impeccable Grace Kelly–changed my impression of him forever. Swoon.

Anyway, if you’re in the mood for free entertainment, I don’t think you can beat this option tonight.

Check out these other things to do in Dallas, and have a great night.


  • publicnewssense

    What I like about “Idea Week” is the irony of its location. And, of course, the Idea Week Parade was a highlight. Love the banners on the utility poles, too, and the way the big Idea Week banners have been draped down the sides of the skyscrapers.
    By God, this city is writhing with ideas.