Things to Do in Dallas This Weekend: Oct. 15-17

Holy smokes, people. You’ve got a lot of options this weekend. If I didn’t live here, I’d be jealous. Let’s get right to it.


For the energetic arts patrons among you, I recommend heading downtown tonight for the museum block party, which as Nancy Nichols over on our Dallas food blog excitedly notes will include an appearance by a food truck. If you’d rather support the arts from the comfort of a chair, however, check out Wild and Free, a dance performance set to the music of Dallas native Norah Jones. Contemporary Ballet Dallas imparts this little tip: “Leave your boots at home … this is not your typical Texas!” (What is “typical Texas,” one wonders.) I fully intend to wear my red stiletto boots tonight, so I guess I’ll have to seek my fun elsewhere. Like, say, at the Bring Your Own Mug party. Follow me to the next page for the rest of your weekend itinerary.


Do you tend to feel half-dead in the morning? Great! You’ll fit right in at the Dallas Zombie Walk in Deep Ellum. If you lurch efficiently enough, you’ll still be able to get to Fair Park. What might you do once you’re there? Perhaps a battle of the bands? Perhaps a demo by Farmer Mike Pumpkin Carver? This is your last weekend to visit the State Fair of Texas, so don’t squander it. Of course it’s also your first and last weekend to visit the Texas State Veggie Fair. Even those who equate the word “vegan” with “heretic” or “Communist” should enjoy the food here. Fried is the glue that holds us together, folks.

If you live in Lewisville and/or are an actor waiting to be discovered, you might also consider stopping by Castle Hills shopping center, where film crews will be shooting a Fourth of July scene, and they need extras (that’s you).


My goal for you this Sunday is to have such a full, satisfying day that you’ll bypass the end-of-the-weekend melancholy and collapse, happily, into bed.

First, you’re going on a bicycle scavenger hunt, and if you’ve still got legs for it afterward, I recommend joining the Lee Harvey Oswald ride. Morbid? Perhaps. But it should also be educational and fun. Later on, go see Ravi Shakar perform with the DSO.

One last note: If you’re looking for a place to watch the Texas Rangers take on the New York Yankees, look through our sports-bar listings online or on our handy iPhone application, a favorite of fun-seekers the world over (really, we have at least one user in Saudi Arabia).

Browse these other things to do in Dallas, and have a marvelous weekend.