Previewing the Dallas Mavericks’ 2010-11 Season

Building on Quick: no one will pay much attention — not even me, card-carrying MFFL — when the Dallas Mavericks kick off their season against Charlotte on Wednesday night. They’re only going up against Game 1 of the World Series, no big deal. So maybe just bookmark this post, and read it later. When you come back, you’ll find a quick primer on what to look for in 2010-11.

– The Basketball Jones’ quick video preview

– Ball Don’t Lie’s word version, featuring a terrifying Brian Cardinal photo

– I write about Roddy Beaubois

– Rob Mahoney from The Two Man Game breaks  it down like a fraction

– And Dirk is on Twitter (@swish41)


  • JS

    Free Roddy B!

  • Hein

    Dirk seems like he’ll be an interesting presence on Twitter.

    I did find it odd that the fake Dirk, conveniently named @the_real_dirk, somehow amassed 13,500+ followers and hasn’t been kicked off the Twitters yet.

  • i hope that dirk responds to every tweet about him loving hasselhoff by asking if that person also has any judge ito, hugh grant or monica lewinsky jokes.

  • Steve

    I’m not sure what to make of Dirk “following” Michael Finley (@da_finster). Please advise.