Jerry Jones Hit With Sexual Assault Suit

The lawsuit was filed September 30 by Patricia Gavin. It is described by Courthouse News thusly: “Sexual assault, theft, false imprisonment, and privacy actions where the plaintiff asserts she was pinned against the wall in a restaurant by the defendant and sexually assaulted, among other things.” The suit was filed pro se, which I think pretty much says all you need to know.

UPDATE (10/2/10): Patricia Gavin herself sent me a copy of the filing. It is, without question, one of the more interesting court filings I have ever read. Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up:

Gavin says she’s a former captain in the U.S. Air Force. She claims that Jerry Jones assaulted her at Ocean Prime on the same night that was captured by that famous Deadspin video of a slurring Jones. She also claims that she’s an art dealer; that on the night in question, someone stole her purse, which contained a check for $2 million (British sterling); and that, in an effort to cover this whole thing up, Jones’ financial advisors dosed her with GHB. Oh, also? Somebody got an STD from an assault in the bathroom at Al Biernat’s.

I am not making this up. Is Gavin making it up? If she is, she has a very vivid imagination indeed.

UPDATE (10/2/10): It probably bears mentioning that on September 20 a judge issued a restraining order against Patricia Gavin, prohibiting her from having contact with Jones, his family, or anyone associated with the Dallas Cowboys.


  • Josh Pearson

    So, if a person files a suit without a lawyer then their claims are always without merit?

  • @Josh Pearson: No, sir. But if a woman files a pro se sexual assault case against Jerry Jones, I would bet the suit is without merit.

    PS: When are you gonna have a JD so I can call you next time I get pinched?

  • Emily Mc

    Ya and where is the criminal complaint? If there is not one, then that also speaks for itself.

  • Wow! I hope you guys (Tim & Emily) aren’t serving on juries. With no facts whatsoever you have already decided that the woman is lying. We don’t need a court system, judges or juries – we can just let Tim and Emily decide cases.

  • Fosett

    I also believe it is BS. Jerry is usually too drunk at restaurants to pin someone against the wall.

  • Mr. Rodgers,

    I wonder if you would bet your job at the D Magazine….I would recommend you read the complaint before editorializing….about what you think….or bet?

    Patricia Gavin

  • Defense to prosecution: his skin is stretched so tight that he would be unable to move enough to pin anyone anywhere.

  • Yes it would be impossible for anyone associated with the Cowboy organization to do any wrong in any way whatsoever.

  • Jackson

    Well, that was fast. As of Saturday morning, Oct. 2, the story about this lawsuit is gone from the Courthouse News website quicker than a speeding Bob Hayes takin’ it to the house. A search of stories on their site yields nada about a Patricia Gavin, and the only Jerry Jones reference is in a June ’09 story about Michael Irvin. Even a Google search for Patricia Gavin under the Google “News” tab yields only Tim’s Frontburner entry.

    Suit filed Thursday, reported Friday, gone Saturday. I wonder if Jere whipped out the ‘ol checkbook?

  • PR

    It means this lady shopped this lawsuit to a bunch of lawyers who saw the facts and said “no thanks.” So she filed it herself.

  • Jackson

    One other thought: Google research leads to a “Patricia Gavin” from Dallas-Ft. Worth, who operates something called Scrimp LLC, which was/is contracted by the Disney Institute to sponsor “professional development programs” in Texas. They’ve had these three-day seminars in Dallas, and several current or former Cowboys players have participated as speakers. This would no doubt put Ms. Gavin in Jerry’s orbit.

    It would be interesting to check on Monday and see if the lawsuit filed on Thursday was withdrawn by the end of business on Friday afternoon.

  • tested

    I won’t immediately dismiss this as not true.. but I have several questions.

    1. did she call the cops at some point? If so, what did she say.. what did they say? If she didn’t call, I’d like to know why.

    2. Are there ANY witnesses to this incident? It’s in a restaurant. One assumes there were more than just the two of them there.

    3. Since this is a civil suit, I assume she’s asking for damages. How much? If she’s asking for a hundred bazillion dollars I’m going to think this is just someone out to extort money from a rich guy. If it’s a couple of hundred thousand, I’m going to be more inclined to believe this is a victim looking to recoup real damages.

  • Glenn campell

    If this claim had any merit there would be hundreds of plaintiffs attorney that would take it on a contingent fee.

    Youre right tim, public lawsuit + deep pocket + pro se = frivolous claim.

  • PeterK

    who the hell carries a check for $2 million in their purse or wallet. you make a sale like that you have it wire transferred into your account

  • downtowner

    OMG people, read the affidavit attached to the complaint! It would be hilarious if it didn’t make extremely clear that she needs professional psychological intervention.

  • DMBurrows

    Well, there goes my lawsuit against Jones for stealing my aged Mercedes, killing my dog, kidnapping me in the back if a Hummer, strapping me onto a rocket and firing it towards Korea and then discovering upon my return he spent $3mil on my AMEX card.

  • B. L. Powell

    “Then strange things started happening.”

    Ha! This is the most far-fetched scenario I’ve heard in a long time, even for Jones. Sorry, lady. I don’t buy one word you’ve said. Good luck with the suit, since you’ll likely not see a red cent of that $500M.

  • TotallyEffed

    This poor woman needs help. Two things, why are you giving a sick nutjob attention and what does this say about the people in our military>

  • Matt

    Well, if the affidavit itself didn’t call her judgment into question, the fact that she still uses MySpace does.

  • Jackson

    Reading her filing is quite amusing, bless her heart. Still, it is interesting that associates of Jones (his lawyers, his oil and gas people) fished around over several months and engaged her at all.

    They clearly had some concern about her core allegation, the late night hijinks that began at Ocean Prime and ended at 4500 Preston Road (real estate primer: built by the Strickland’s of Strickland Freight Lines, and later owned by L.D. Brinkman and then oilman Bill Saxon).

  • PR Guy

    Jerry’s reputation precedes him, and he needs to work on scrubbing the whispers about his nocturnal activities.

  • Count_Fenring

    That lawsuit has to be read to be believed. She is claiming, among other things, that it is the alleged encounter with Jones (and subsequent drugging from his lawyers) that caused her to miss the month-later briefing deadline at the TxSCt which, then, caused her to have that appeal dismissed after already missing numerous extensions. Of course.

    That, of course, was the lawsuit where the attorneys conspired to steal medical records from her house and storage unit and were used, among other places, in a custody battle for her daughter. (Case No. 1:08-cv-00053-CFL)(COFC)

    Which records had been filed, and sealed, in a case brought by her to remove negative entries on her service record (including a DUI for which she took nonjudicial punishment) as part of a lawsuit to require reinstatement into and promotion in the air force (case dismissed) (Case No. 1:98-cv-00550-LAS(COFC), appeal dism’d).

    From which she had resigned from active duty after filing a sexual harassment complaint, of which the IG reported two verbal comments were substantiated with a third allegation of inappropriate conduct in to be unsubstantiated, but only after she had already resigned (Case No. 1:08-cv-00053-CFL)(COFC).

    And this does not go into the first Dallas case which she lost on summary judgment, appealed to the court of appeals and lost (2009 Tex. Ap . Lexis 4473) and the supreme court (which she later dismissed), and the pending Dallas case (DC-10-09083), which seeks to relitigate the first one. This, of course, is the one in which she claims status as a pauper at the same time describing various and sundry million “pound sterling” checks and wires that somehow disappeared in a vast conspiracy of which she is somehow the center and which involves judges and lawyers in the district, family, and county courts.

    It should not be a surprise that every single of the many lawsuits brought are filled with the kind of crazy that permeates the lawsuit against Jones. And from which Jones will still likely have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to get away.

    NB: The Order from the 68th is a protective (not restraining) order, which keeps Jones from producing phone records in a case in which is not a party or related. However, the fact that Judge Hoffman awarded fees is indicative of the validity of her claims.

  • biffula

    I like all the polly anna posters who chastise those who think the broad is nuts and/or that her allegations arent transparently cuckoo.

  • DGirl

    Good gawd almighty. First of all, reading this bizarre, badly written filing makes my head hurt because it’s just so . . . bad. Second, I’ve been around the J-ster when he’s drunky. I don’t think he’s even capable of getting it up after a night of drinking like that. That alones makes the whole thing very unbelievable. Maybe if she would have accused Mel Gibson it would be more believable.

  • M. Smith

    Can’t get into too many details about this case, but I have read the papers for the court filing and they honestly look like they were written by someone with a severe mental disorder. The lady thinks she knows Hue Hefner and Donald Trump and the real people who plotted the 911 attacks. She is just another crackpot wanting attention and this will be thrown out very soon.

  • Fake Rowdy

    Wow, what amazing story and vivid imagination. Her tale would have been better if it involved Stephen wearing his Rowdy costume.

    That said, who of us that knows, or knows of, the Jones boys did not see the headline and immediately think, “well, it had to come out at some point”?

  • DGirl

    @Fake Rowdy . . yes, which is why Tim wrote that headline.

  • j.schwartz

    dude this women is totally psycho that affidavit is right out of a Stephen King novel she needs to get help and no wonder her children aren’t with her bat-%@$# loony.

  • Count_Fenring

    The Clerk’s office has sealed the Complaint as of this afternoon. Per nfl fanouse, they now do not consider it a lawsuit (Query, then, what is it? Other than unintelligible.).

    Fanhouse also reports that Gavin reached out to Warren Buffet to pay her $5M attorneys’ fees sanction: “‘I wrote to Warren Buffett to see if he liked to buy my cowboy boots,’ Gavin said in a phone interview on Monday. ‘He could auction them off to pay the attorney fees.'”


  • Maybe she meant Steven Hawking and
    Steven King both assaulted her,
    In her imagination.Oh,and throw in
    Cris Bridges the Rapper/Actor too,
    Because this is all Ludacris and Ridiculus!

    Go head on Jerry J.!

  • HeHateMe

    She is a Facebook friend of Eric Celeste.

  • H

    Okay, so she contacted Warren Buffet to see if he would buy her cowboy boots so that she could afford the necessary fees? This lady is beyond whacked out. I am willing to bet that the “sealed” medical documents at the VA highlight the fact that she is without a doubt, NUTS!! She is CRAZY!

  • “If the glove does not fit, you must aquit”. No more cockblocking, brothers!

  • Stephen44

    If you’ve seen the video of a drunken Jerry Jones that night talking about Bill Parcells, Tim Tebow and Tony Romo, you’d see he was 3 sheets to the wind. When will wealthy men learn that being extremely intoxicated in public, creates embarrassment and litigation in your life. If you plan on drinking, make sure someone is there to take you home BEFORE you get in trouble!

  • jmack

    She said it happened, so it must be true, right? – Ben Roethlisberger

  • jmack

    Since Goodell can’t really “suspend” JJ, maybe he ought to make him keep Wade Philips for two more seasons as punishment… LOL

  • Do people like Warren Buffet really speak with people like that? Maybe I will call and ask for RV.

  • It is interesting to read responses…sort of like a mock “voir dire”…..the case was sealed by Jones attorneys October 4, 2010.

    It may interest the intelligent readers of your blog to learn that I have had a lien on the Grand Hotel and Library after three years working with HL Hunt’s personal assistant who lived with the Premiere of China for many years and litigating the complaint with a team of three counsel to teh Texas Supreme Court and that my attorney Racehorse Haynes withdrew upon learning of the assault Apr 8, 2010 as they are friends.

    It would also be interesting for your readers to know that my lien claim and work cataloging art scheduled for 6 art shows in 6 cities was suspended as a result of the matter.

    I have been defamed by your publication given the assessment that I chose to file myself.

    Did it ever occur to you that someone who has a legal background and can afford to type or consult counsel doesn’t necessarily need the “assistance” of counsel who is at best going to cut a deal to enrich themselves.

    I have had the best criminal attorney in the state of Texas who withdrew as a result of his friendship with Jones.

    Your blog is evidence that the case can’t be heard in Texas and jurisdiction needs to be moved.

    I have tried to get the case unsealed but because my military records were sealed and can’t be subpoenaed except by the US District Attorney I am likely not to get that approval.

    Your readers are ignorant…but anyone that has watnched Jay Leno Late Night would not be surprised by that fact.

    Thankd D Magazine! You are the Pulitzer Prize winning publication that publishes the Best of Big D each year for those who buy the editorial space in your magazine….not exactly a leader in the journalistic profession.

    Why after working for VP Cheney and President Bush, Clinton and Reagan would I sue for less?

    I invite you all to my Facebook page where you can view the artwork catalogued for those affected by British Petroleum and Katrina….and the three children I managed to raise while serviing in three wars….if that makes me crazy I would suggest we need a lot more crazy women in this country who say “no” to billionaires who are both married and have a mistress.