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DMN Endorses Clancy Over Watkins


Well, well. In tomorrow’s paper, you’ll find this endorsement of Danny Clancy by the Dallas Morning News editorial board. In making their decision, the paper says:

Despite a few early missteps, Watkins’ compelling work as a change agent convinced us to name him our 2008 Texan of the Year. The recognition, though, came with caveats: Watkins still must mature in this job and must guard against believing his own hype, we wrote at the time.

Unfortunately, the district attorney has failed on both counts.

While his good work overshadowed his sometimes poor judgment during the first half of his term, the reverse has been true during the last two years. Watkins, 42, has become too political, too vindictive and too stubborn to be effective.

His judgment and behavior have been in steady decline, as evidenced by unseemly and seemingly endless battles with commissioners over everything from the budget to a butterfly garden.

Yes, the paper goes on to mention some of Clancy’s strong points, but this endorsement is more a condemnation of Watkins than it is a recommendation of Clancy.

You think Eric Celeste made the right decision to quit the campaign? I do.