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Cattle Baron’s Ball Rings the Bell


Sunie Solomon IMG_1368Unlike the Rangers, Cowboys and Aggies this weekend, the Cattle Baron’s Ball for 3,000 guests went off without a hitch Saturday night and overcame its Mud Ball 2009 past. Well, there was that one fella who backed out of his bid for the 2011 Porsche Cayenne Turbo. But not to worry, someone was in the wings ready to scoop it up.

Big hit of the night was the Maker’s Mark with guests hoisting sledge hammers to ring the bell. When one wee gal rang the bell and was followed up by a beefy fellow who could barely lift the mallet, former Dallas Mayor Ron Kirk hollered, “You’re not gonna let that girl beat you, are you?”

Fashion wise it wasn’t so much flashing flesh as it was just plain flashy. Example: Sunie Solomon’s (pictured) pink leather chaps, boots and blouse. Even the back of her jeans was eye catching. Just follow the jump for a look at “love”.Sunie Solomon IMG_1483