• Old Man

    Words can’t describe……

  • The red eyes do it for me.

    Have you tried ?

  • Enrique De La Fuente

    This whole “Claw” and “Antlers” sounds like Power Rangers meet Captain Planet. Yea, “Go Rangers” and all that, but y’all all sound lame.

  • Jackie Jett’s Landing Strip

    Why not show the Jerry Dome somewhere in the background?

  • RAB

    I’m kind of late to this whole Ranger hysteria thing. Is it “Claw!” or “Claws!”? Also, since the claws are the tips of the paws, why aren’t we saying “Tines!” instead of “Antlers!”?

    For consistency sake, it should be either Paws! Antlers! or Claws! Tines!

    Go Dallas Rangers!

  • D

    Somewhere, a cheesy t-shirt maker is drawing up plans for his piece de resistance.

  • Rachel S

    Does anyone know if and where I can get a copy of this print?