60 Minutes Takes a Dig at Dallas Women

An energetic FrontBurnervian says he watched the 60 Minutes story on Bill Gates and his wife, Ursuline grad Melinda French Gates. In particular, this exchange with reporter Scott Pelley caught his attention:

Pelley: “Now, I’m from Texas, too, so I can say this.  You don’t wear your wealth like a Dallas gal.”

French Gates: “Mmm hmm.”

Pelley: “You don’t seem to be a big consumer of jewelry and cosmetics.”

French Gates: “I don’t find great joy in those things. I find much more joy in connecting with people. I’m much more at home being what I call ‘out on the ground’ doing this work. And for me, that’s where I find meaning. I don’t find meaning in material things.”


  • Daniel

    Imagine no possessions. John Lennon, who bought second and third apartments at the exclusive Dakota just to store all his stuff, once famously wondered if I could.

  • DGirl

    When you have the likes of Heidi Dillon, Kim Gatlin those incredibly stupid Dallas Divas and Daughters prostituting their dysfunction for a chance of fame on reality shows, then Dallas women and going to be stigmatized that way.

  • Of course, I’ve heard they have a rather spectacular home. Give me great dirt over diamonds anyday…

  • Oh and a second home in the San Diego area…

  • Arec Barrwin

    The 60 Minutes piece should be entitled “How to Sound Incredibly Pretentious in One Easy Lesson.” First of all, your entire career was built on material things — would you be running the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation without material things? No. Would you be a member of the Bilderberg Group without material things? No. Would you be receiving degrees from Cambridge without material things? Again, no. You’d be an anonymous, hard working member of the lower bourgeoisie without Bill’s money, so spare us your superiority.

  • Tsuki Brooks

    Shame on Scott Pelley. Why would someone from here indulge in that stereotypical crap? Not every woman here is draped in Bailey, Banks, and Biddle or Tiffany jewels…
    Good for Melinda on keeping it real with her billions.

  • VB

    Melinda French found meaning in billionaire Bill Gates after he’d enslaved the world to a fairly reliable operating system. That’s why she can’t wear her wealth like a Dallas gal. No Dallas gal has anywhere near that much material wealth. And good for Scott Pelley for no longer having to wear his Dallas wealth either. 60 Minutes wealth has got to be better.

  • And a caretaker for that second home, who I know…

  • Pelley Knows Dallas

    Pelley knows Dallas and knows what he is talking about. He used to work at Channel 5 & 8, and was based here for a while when he started worked at CBS.

  • People still watch 60 Minutes?

  • JB

    Really. If your Melinda Gates, you could probably run around with a bowl of Spaghetti-o’s on your head in a rodeo clown outfit and women would just fine with it. Its not really her fashion sense that any Dallas woman would be jealous of.

  • This sort of chatter is probably the reason Melinda Gates never gives interviews. I took it that they were talking about a select group of wealthy women. Not the ones we see at Albertsons or Sears. BTW, Kim Gatlin’s book is funny as hell.

  • doesn’t describe a single woman, I spend anytime with.

    Dallas Women?

    Here two I think of:
    Sarah Jane Semrad (art con, La Reunion
    and Betsy Healy (Human Rights Initiative)
    I could go on. Okay, I will.

    Allison V. Smith
    Sarah Jaffe
    Jan Pruitt at North Texas Food Bank.

    That’s without really thinking about it.

    I get really tired of reading about these stereotypes.

  • Can you imagine Allison Smith dripping in diamonds? That would make one funny photo.

  • yvonne crum

    @Bill Holston you are so right there are so many Dallas Women that give so many hours to the community that if they got paid even Minimum wage, they’d have a decent salary.. sorry that Scott said this as he is one of my favorite and is married to a lovely love woman. Go Dallas Women… and keep our non-profits doing what they do best. Helping others.

  • really?

    Yep – there’s a lot of generosity in this town. We are fortunate to have it. But that said, Dallas has a deserved reputation for showy wealth. Event driven fundraising is probably bigger here than in any major city. The cars, the shopping, the houses – the $30,000 millionaire comment. While I do think her response to the question last night was a bit smug, the question was appropriate. The reputation exists for a reason.

  • Doug

    I wish people would become more materialistic, the constant pc nonsense such as this grew tiresome a long time ago. I like my big screen tv and my truck and my computer and i don’t see any reason to apologize for wanting to live in a nice house instead of a run down apartment.

  • Jackson

    Allison V. Smith? Is that a new lawsuit between Wick and Evan? Is Jerry Jones involved?

  • Pelley Knows Dallas

    I’ll see your Sara Jane Semrad and Betsy Healy, and raise you an Angie Barrett, Erin Hill and Elanor Mowery-Sheets.

    That’s without thinking about it.

    The stereotype has some basis in fact, but it clearly does not apply to all Dallas women.

  • Well …

    Definitely hits the stereotype on the head, I guess they’ve hung out at a few bars in Uptown. And while she is on a Dallas record label, Sarah Jaffe ain’t a “Dallas gal,” sorry.

  • Steve

    I don’t know where they get this stuff. I was at North Park this weekend and it was like the Amish country.

  • Duh

    @Steve – of course it did. The people there Saturday are all from Oklahoma.

  • Fake Rowdy

    Steve & Duh – thanks for making me projectile coffee through my nose.

  • I laughed so hard I almost had an accident! HYSTERICAL!

  • Barbara


  • Anne

    Living in a $100 million house, flying around on a private jet, and claiming she’s not into material things? Hilarious. If she’d married a lowly programmer during her working days at Microsoft I’d buy it. But don’t forget she dated William Wrigley, Jr. (of the billionaire chewing gum family) while a student at Duke. Me thinka she lika the money.