What to Do in Dallas Tonight: Sept. 20

Happy Monday to you all. And what a happy Monday it is. After tasting my first batch of Brach’s Autumn Mix, I’m confident this year was a bumper crop for candy corn pumpkins.

If today is your birthday, it might be appropriate to go see I’m Still Here, featuring my favorite bearded vegan, Joaquin Phoenix. Is this really a documentary, or is Phoenix just pulling our leg? You be the judge.

You may need to eat at some point before or after the movie. Now, I could–and have–made a meal out of movie-theater popcorn and a giant box of Skittles. However, for those with a more refined palate, I recommend the decidedly nonvegan wine dinner at Café Toulouse. Usually this monthly affair only features three courses, but tonight’s menu has four: pissaladiere with caramelized onions, anchovies, olives and fresh thyme; fish stew; duck confit with plums and lardon (a funny word); and warm olive oil cake with toasted almonds, lemon-rosemary marmalade, and whipped crème fraiche. Interested? Then get on the horn now and make a reservation. A woman with a heavenly accent just told me only 10 spots are still available.

Finally, be sure to make space on the DVR for your stories. House, Hawaii Five-O, The Event, and Dallas-based Chase and Lone Star all kick off tonight.

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  • Brad

    Samantha, I’m a bearded vegan. And I commented on your post. Does this change your all time bearded vegan rankings in any way?

  • @Brad, Possibly. However, Phoenix is the only bearded vegan who ever appeared in “Space Camp,” as far as I know, so he still has the edge.

  • Brad

    True story: I once ran into Lea Thompson at Uptown Bar and Grill on a Saturday night, drunkenly confessed my childhood crush to her, and sang “Power of Love” on karaoke (luckily, she left right before they called me up there to sing).

    I bet Mr. Phoenix didn’t have that kind of gusto on set when he had the chance…

  • Wow. Huey Lewis and the News’ “Power of Love?” That’s touching.

  • Brad

    I sense your sarcasm, but clearly you’ve seen Back to the Future (starring Lea Thompson), right? If not, I don’t want to be your favorite bearded vegan…