Rick Perry Fires Up Barbecue Crowd, Media

Last week, while campaigning, Rick Perry stopped off in Temple, where he regaled the crowd at Clem Mikeska’s Bar-B-Q with ways Republicans could win in other states.

Aaaaand then he did something that bent my mind. I mean it. Darn near snapped it in half. I had to nap after I read this, to get my head right again.

“There is still a land of opportunity, friends – it’s called Texas. We’re creating more jobs than any other state in the nation. … Would you rather live in a state like this, or in a state where a man can marry a man?”

So, in other words, jobs will be created in Texas not by incentives or other mundane economical voodoo, but by keeping gays from marrying.

As you can imagine, people have taken notice.


  • Daniel

    My mind is now also bent but not in the good way like with the Egyptian cartoons on the ceiling type thing. Be funny to see Rick Perry in that state. Although in his case he’d probably see coyotes and that wouldn’t be funny if you were in the same room, but it sure would be if he made a fool of himself somehow and no one got shot or anything and you read about it later.

  • Does this mean that I shouldn’t bother proposing to Zac?

  • Bethany Anderson

    Only if you want to be held personally responsible for an increase in unemployment.

  • Matt

    You know, you shouldn’t rush to judgment by inferring a link in a quotation that contains an ellipses. By indicating that something was omitted from the original statement, but not indicating what, the author of the original piece makes his story unreliable.

    Says Bethany: “I had to nap after I read this, to get my head right again … by keeping gays from marrying.”

  • Grumpy
  • Big hair, big mouth, small brain. Perry/Palin, pair to draw to when straight’s count.

  • Eric

    Look, I’m no Perry fan but there are some people – um, millions of people – who sincerely believe that gay marriage is wrong.
    Perry is one of them. He was describing an ethos.
    But Lefties like you always react badly when someone just.doesn’t.see.things.your.way.
    I am not arguing the point of who is right and who is wrong regarding gay marriage. I am arguing that your consistent (hobgoblin, small minds, yada) head snapping (bending, whatEVER) at anyone who disagrees with the Lefty Cause of the Day is an intolerance in its own right and something maybe you should, um, look at.

  • Hidyhoo

    Um, Eric — pointing out the obvious here: I wasn’t aware that banning or permitting gay marriage had a direct effect on the state’s employment rate. That’s why Perry’s latest blurting has led to the groans and mockery. Many people would ascribe our employment rate to the state’s completely supine relationship to incoming businesses and not to any supine relationship between two men married to each other. Or two women, for that matter.

  • Jamie

    Good point Eric. I am a moderate conservative who supports gay rights so it’s not common for me to have disagreements on both sides… But extreme lefties bug me WAY more because of that fact.

  • Eric

    @Hidyhoo- yes, yes, and I wrote, “He was describing an ethos”

  • MC

    “I am not arguing the point of who is right and who is wrong regarding gay marriage”.

    Oh. Right.

    I kinda think you are, based on your comment. But hey, congratulations on your use of the term “ethos”.