Homeless Man Breaches Security at George W. Bush’s House

So remember how they built this big giant gate by George W.’s Dallas home? And how he’s got Secret Service and police and everything making sure someone doesn’t try to harm him?

Well, this homeless guy from Mexico managed to get through all of that and show up on his doorstep to ask for Bush’s help in expediting his immigration status.

There’s a joke there, somewhere, about border control and George W.’s fence. I just know it.

UPDATE: Law enforcement is saying it didn’t happen. Thanks CBS 11!


  • JB
  • Bethany

    You forgot the part of the story where he was sent to Gitmo.

    Now, tell me again who is paying for these Police?

  • Senor

    Except that it didn’t happen. Blame Brett Shipp.

  • Obama’s Seat

    Jack E seems to have forgotten Bush’s position on illegal immigrants.

  • You are right. I forgot. He loves them, he just doesn’t want them coming to his house unless they are cleaning or cutting. I don’t know Brett Shipp, but the name sounds familiar. Is he a gay porn star?

  • JS

    Jack E didn’t forget — he just likes to blame Bush for everything.

  • doubts

    So when do we see the blog post where you admit to furthering a lie? DPD and the SS have both confirmed that this guy never even reached the community gates, much less the front door, and that he was never a threat to anyone.

  • M Streeter

    George W. Bush finally found WMD at his doorstep: Wandering Mexican Drifter.

  • RAB

    Wayward Muckraking D

  • Daniel

    Obviously those Mexican homeless people have one up on our homegrown indigents. I certainly wish more of the homeless people downtown would secure their breeches. Their lack of breeches security is why I won’t take my child downtown. What if he saw a human thingamabob! He’d become a murderous drifter, which would embarrass me in front of my neighbors.

  • Rico

    When asked for identification by la policia, the WMD responded, “Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges”.

  • JS doesn’t forget either. He would like to. No one in their right mind wants to thinks the actions of one man could be so detremental to the lives of tens of thousands. JS doesn’t forget. He just chooses not to remember. JS is not alone. Several people would like to bury their head in the sand on this one, but alas, there is not enough sand in the world. So some choose just to bury their heads up their …..you know..the space between your buttocks.

    I don’t blame Bush for anything that requires thought.